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The People's Cube™

"Get Dizzy With Success!"
(Required entertainment for growing progressive economies)

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The People's Cube

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  • PERFECT™ Ergonomic size (2-1/4" x 2-1/4")
  • RED! (will attract Other People's Money)
  • Shiny! (will attact Other People's Attention)
  • Flexible! (will work in Third World Countries)

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About Other People's People's Cubes

The People's Cube Testimonials

"I once played the game for seven hours straight and never once got bored!

It's exceedingly addictive, but in a good way. I think I can use it to help improve the focus of my students, the majority of whom have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), the plague of our postmodern age."

-- Dr. W. S. Palimpsest

"My fragile self esteem is not cut out for school or gainful employment. The People's Cube finally helped me find my place in the world."

-- ChairmanMoo

"The little red cube is excellent teaching tool and such a comfort. In just one match, effects of belonging and conformity are overpowering! Try one hand matches in pocket without looking. Bread lines will never feel so welcome!"

-- Droxana


"I used to be a looser. Now I win everytime. Thank you for the new freedom to succeed!"

-- Stoshu

"I have bought liberated a Cube. I must say, I am satisfied with The People's outcome. I shall use it to re-educate myself and everyone around me to turn them into People."

-- The Skinnee Jay


"The People's Cube Manual is finally out! I had such a hard time without it. This game makes a lot more sense now!"

-- Commissar Vladimir Ivanov

"I cannot wait for the Cube alloted to me to arrive. I shall take it on a whirlwind tour of Olympia. Just think, soon Comrade Cube will visit the Washington State Capitol building!....."

6 Glorious Peoples Days Later:

"I received my most wonderful Cube today, and spent HOURS manipulating it while listening to NPR. Already I feel much more progressive! Did you know you can make all sides red even with your eyes closed?

Also, is there an exploding version of The People's Cube I can use as a grenade? Twist a side, count to three and then throw it at a Class Enemy?"

-- Colonel 7.62

"I remember how excited I was just a few weeks back when I received my most glorious people's cube. The lack of competition and effort held my attention for at least a good 12-15 seconds.

Now my PEOPLE'S CUBE is strategically placed in my re-education center classroom so my young useful idiots students can marvel at its magnificent design. I am not sure why our Dear Leader did not include the production and redistribution of the PEOPLE'S CUBE as part of the $800,000,000,000.00 economic stimulus package. I can only imagine the millions of people that could play with such a glorious and educational tool while they stand in the unemployment line waiting for their extension of unemployment during Chairman-O's 'Summer of Recovery'."

-- El Presidente'

"An essential purchase for Collectivists, a People's Cube. I am learning the glorious satisfaction of "winning" through the absence of competition. The total lack of mental challenge is totally exhilarating. I wish I had purchased the Cube long ago.

And what an excellent educational tool for the young, developing Prog of the future. This is a must have."

-- ThePeoplesComrade

"I got my People's Cube last year and never leave home without it. After a wonderful year with my new best friend, I realized that it's red all over and so no one can feel less equal than others. I am expecting my Nobel Peace Prize for this discovery."

-- Commissar Theocritus

The People's Cube Manual

The Peoples Cube Manual

Dizzy With Success - Peoples Cube
Preferred Game of Progressive Elites - Peoples Cube


Click the images to see full size cube and manual!

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The People's Cube™ is a real full-size licensed version of the original Rubik's Cube that's red on all sides and rotates. The People's Cube comes with a complete people's operating manual. The most politically correct puzzling game and entertainment ever! Favorite pastime of progressive elites.



The People's Cube™

The Peoples Rubik's Cube

The People's Cube™

Nobody's a boob with the People's Cube!
Approved by the Teachers Union!
A model for progressive education reform - no more failing grades!


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