Islam's Struggle Against Cartoon Terrorism

This is my kind of humor... Loving this site. I want to marry it and have it's child.
Ohh.. and offend some more muslims. Thanks for supporting my small nation (I hope that's what you're doing). Otherwise I hate this site, and will marry it's child... But for now i'll love it. And hate muslims and embassys on fire and consulates on fire and beheadings and loose violent monkeys being/causing/doing all the above.

Love you

From Denmark sign the petition, free the world. ... ?danmark&1



Haagar the Danish
YES! We will prevail! World War 3 will be fought by cartoons! We will dominate the world. Future newspapers of the proletariat will feature pages and pages of real, cartoonish propaganda and a single "unfunny page" of dull who/what/when/where.



Disenfranchised Democrat
PittsburghProletarian wrote:Disenfranchised Democrat wrote

It is fact that they the Palestinians are becoming desperate because of unemployment. If you actually read my post instead of blindly attacking it, you would have seen that I pointed out that Hizbollah and Hamas take advantage of poverty. The PA is corrupt. The only real way to solve the problem is to support the economy there. It means encouraging business to work there. Of course not through government, but through corporations. Capitalism was one the chief reasons why the Soviet Union collapsed. That is unless you believe in one of two things: we should just kill them all or we should let them fester even more and build a movement more insane or destructive than the Nazi's ever were. If you believe the former, then you are as childish as many liberals are. If you believe the latter, then God help us all.

I'm sorry if you think I'm blindly attacking you, but I'm not. All your ideas make sense to a logical and rational mind. That's where you get blindsided. You think that given the opportunity, these Palestinians will put down their weapons and go work for some globalist western corporation. It will never happen simply because their Imams and Mullahs will not let them. What you are suggesting are the very things these people want to destroy, Western Civilization itself. What part of that don't you understand? More insane or destructive than the Nazi's? Tony, this intifada was the illegitimate bastard son born of the Third Reich in the late 1930's and 40's. Do you know who the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Khairallah Talfah were? Do you know the origins of the Palestinian flag and the Ba'ath Party? These things need to be known, my friend. Once known, you'll know what and who we are really dealing with. Kill them all? Hardly, but cut off the the multi-headed heads of the serpant and the snake will die.

Please read: ... _mufti.php

Then get Winston Churchill's "The Gathering Storm" and make present day comparisons, then read his "The Grand Alliance" chapter 14.

We're from the Cube and we're here to help!


Try telling me something I don't know something I don't already know. I know origins of the Muslim Brotherhood and such organizations. I know that Arab notables sent their sons to train and fight with the Nazis on the Eastern front against the Soviets. Of course what you may not know that even Zionists supported the Nazis. Lets take a step back on second. I just said Zionists aka Jews who supported the Nazis to promote their cause. ... .cfm#_ftn3

It can become worse than the Nazi Europe. The Islamofacists take advantage of poverty. By preventing commerce in Palestine, it is preventing people from making a living. It reduces the amount taken in as taxes that can go to schools. This creates ignorance among the Palestinian children. These are the seeds to facism.

As for how messed up the Islamofacists are, I can tell you how messed up. They tortured and killed the relatives of my friend from Iran. His family are Ba'hai. So they didn't really fit in the Ayatollah(not of Rock n' Rolla) plans for Iran. Who was left had to flee from Iran.
You say take the current leaders from power. You have to realize the Palestinians are among the more secular of the Middle Eastern people. They are not just Muslims. They are Christians as well. They would be more receptive to MNC's than say Iran or Syria. If Palestine experience's prosperity, then there is one less bullet in the Islamofacist gun. But if allow poverty to increase there, Hamas can only grow more powerful. Just like how the Nazi's gained support. Of course we can allow that to happen, so you can feel justified. In the same vein, many liberals celebrate the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq because it proves they are right.




Just to throw some more fuel on the fire, what about Trans-Jordan Palestine?



As for you, the assertion that not agreeing with the war in Iraq is anti-American.
Wrong again, my friend. Either you have a poor understanding of the English langauage or you take everything out of context. Celebrating the deaths of American soliders and disagreeing with war policy are two different things. You should have thrown in this disclaimer the first time when in your next post which you state:

Mind you it is from their perspective.

Well it certainly seemed from your previous post that it was your perspective also.
I said it once and I'll say it again, to celebrate the deaths of American servicemen and women is un-American as you can possibly get and there is no way to weasel word your way around it.
Either you misspoke and I'll grant you that or you need another website to troll.
Which is it?

A pissed off vet, son of a vet, grandson of a vet, great-grandson of a vet, great-great-grandson of a vet all the way back to the American Revolution,




Disenfranchised Democrat wrote

Thats really cool. My only issue is the exchange rate the site is offering. The current rate of exchange for the Iraqi Dinar is 1469.60 dinar per U.S. dollar. The best rate they have to offer is for purchase of 5 million dinar at $5145.00. That translates to 966.18 dinar per US dollar.

I'm making contacts to cut out the middle man. I'll let the Cube know, even stll, considering the fact that 3 dollars were equal to 1 dinar before the Gulf War, there is still a potential to make a hefty profit (gasp!) while helping Iraq. Did I say profit? Oh my Gawd I hear the jackboots coming, gotta run!'s not about land, it's about killing as many Jews and Christians as they possibly can, dividing the spoils will come later after all the infidels are dead.




The UPS Guy
Dear Mr. Durbin-Laden,

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634 Smelly Rat-Hole Cave.
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Dirtville, Afghanistan

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Please call our 800 number and we will try and reschedule your shipment when you're available.

Thank you for your patience.

Have a nice day.




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arkady_renkovich wrote:The answer to everything is contained in the missing letter of the acronym of the "People for the Unethical Treatment of Infidels"-

P.U.T.I... ...N


17 more barrels to go....

As in Now.......