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Private Pravda wrote:
I guess it's the gulag for me...

Stay where you are...the Black Mariahs are coming...don't make it worse by trying to flee!

I'd request they go easy on you, Comrade GowronX - so moved am I by your stirring words - but then I'd be in the cell next door.

Just try to think of it as a holiday and free open university course rolled into one!




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Tonya Greipenweiner -

Can you give us a link? Ethiopia was one of the first Christian countries. It's true that it had a pro-Soviet socialist dictatorship, but I never heard of their persecution of Christians before. Packing people in metal shipping containers and leaving them under the sun used to be the trademark of the Taliban in Afghanistan.



Comrade Red Square Pants: Here is the link, but as luck would have it, it turns out that our glorious Marxist Paradise with Beaches, otherwise known as Eritrea has found new and innovative ways for storing those pesky Christians in metal shipping containers. The Ethiopes have their hands full at this time with the Muslim Scourge, so officially, the government there is somewhat hands off, and have delegated the persecution of the Opiate Mass Distributors to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The Jehovas are Witnessing too much, me thinks.



Commisssar Obamissar V wrote:
edgarinventor wrote:Is there any change between that and the Official €uropean Media of today?
Makes me itching to put here a certain 3D image of mine, it depicts a blue potty with 12 yellow stars, filled with... Let's call it Political Correctness...

A bit gross, but then again, I LIVE HERE! Surrounded by America-dissing, Terrorist tolerant, Islamo-Fascist fearing sheep... Yuck!

And that's where your Glorious Leader, the Hero Of Change, will get you Comrades into, just wait a while!

Americans will learn the civilized, submissive ways of the glorious Fortress Europa's State Vassals, and America will go all wussy and French, now isn't that a Grand Design of him? Hail and praise The One!


Comrade, your modified smiley at the end helps, but I'd encourage you to utilize The Cone of Silence just to make sure you're protected from being labled a Thought Criminal. As a temporary resident of The People's State of Deutschland, I have fallen in love with the rampant Progressivism, government control, and Sheeplike tendencies of the populace! All US Statesmen should live here a while to get the proper inspiration for their policies.

Yours in CHope,

Commissar Obamissar Vodkavich
Commissar of Obamissars, Gulags, and Car Wash Products
Not to be confused with The Criminally Insane Vodkov

Gahhh! Wheeeeze!

Can't stop laughing!
You Comrades are great!

"great" is anti-egalitarian!

You Comrades are equal!



Thank you, Comrades!

I will comply with the all-knowing Cube directives!

For the Common Good,
as set by Comrade Soros, and other Illuminati Proletariat Heros of the Letf,



Commissar Obamissar V wrote:Comrade edgarinventor,

Is there any particular reason you're posting 3 x dots?

No need to post something, if you guys ignore it.



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Oh Comrade Edgar... Nobody is ignoring you. Even though it's below a Big Mighty "real" Commissar like myself to explain Party actions to a prole, I will. It's important to encourage new work and digging. You see Comrade, there is a huge wealth of information posted on the Cube every day, and commenting intelligently/staying current on the news behind the posts takes a lot of time. Not every post receives a response and the threads fall into disuse until they are of need to The Party again. Nobody means any offense by it.

However, as a present occupant of Europe, I would enjoy your jokes... Just try not to take anything personally.



Comrades , we are re-inventing the Wheel!

It's all been covered here:

Now we need such coverage of the Great Works of Glorious Liberal President Obama! Image



Obama to unveil proposals to help small businesses
AP - Amid misgivings over his spending blueprint, President Barack Obama has decided to provide billions of dollars in federal money to buy out struggling small business owners.
"The Government is here to see that you succeed"



niHil wrote:Obama to unveil proposals to help small businesses
AP - Amid misgivings over his spending blueprint, President Barack Obama has decided to provide billions of dollars in federal money to buy out struggling small business owners.
"The Government is here to see that you succeed"

...And wolves are there to see that mutton get fat and plumpy!

Why not set up home CNC business, call it Fabrication, and those Socialist lah-didah tech dazzled will happily comply...

Curious thing is, you can build ANYTHING with those babies... Glorious People's Motivational AK and AR pieces, to name one.



they would have been fond of Hitler or Stalin too I'm sure. What's not to like?! (no thought criminal here!)



Has been long time comrades.
I must leave visualization



...And since I'm a certified Warmonger,

(I believe in self-defense), here's my shameless peddling of a mass-destruction, Doomsday Machine of mine, (MWHAHAHAHAHAH):

A Rubber Band Gun, Semi-Automatic, 8 shots, for Office wars.

Buy it online, assemble it with springs, nuts and bolts, and voilá! Something to rile up Pacifists.

Since it's Semi-Automatic, Lib Media will portray it as a MACHINEGUN, ergo, I'm a Wartime Tycoon, making a profit out of the mass murder of innocent... Hum, what?

Ants? Dunno!