Rush Limbaugh Hails the People Cube's Editorial Cartoon

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Dearest shewolf, is only necessary please for you to go to your nearest local neighborhood Karl Marx Treatment Center.



Yes, America is ruled by the GOP and the Halliburton and evil WASPs, and they cause all pain and poverty in the world. Oh, and the entire mankind is a diseaster for the nature and the biosphere! Comrade Almostpresident Albert Arnold "Al" Gore taught it, so it must be true! Fortunately Middle-Europe(where I live, You know) is almost under the direction of the glorious Working Class! See the ruler parties:
Hungary: Hungarian Socialist Party-THEY ARE OUR PEOPLE!
Slovakia:Direction(Party) – Social Democracy-THEY ARE OUR PEOPLE!
Romania:Traian Băsescu-Huh, his party is rightist, but he is statist enough to love him, I think...
Austria:Social Democratic Party of Austria-THEY ARE OUR PEOPLE!
Serbia: Hmmm the president is leftist(Democratic Party) and the major party is the statist, populist Serbian Radical Party, SO IT IS GOOD!
The only countries, where our Class Revolution has failed:
Slovenia: The major parties are a libertarian and a center-right party. What a pity!
Poland: Ruled by Catholic bigot PIS
Croatia: The major Party is the party of Franjo Tuđman who was the leader of the Croatian War of Independence and it has beat the glorious Yugoslavia. FASCISTS!
Czech Republic: The worst. Ruled by the bourgeois pig Václav Klaus, who is also a Global Warming skeptic. Why don't we estabilish new inquisition again these heretics??? This is needed.
Wel, this is the current situation. More or less, but it's good. But it is not enough. Forward on the road of Lenin, Stalin and Nancy Pelosi! Blame GOP for everything! Workers of the world, unite!



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I heard from my contacts that the Cube has taken on the Kapitalist Warmonger Rush.  I see from the couters and the hard-to-access webpages that the website is booming.  Congrates Comrade Red Square! Welcome all new Cubist, may your re-edukation go quickly.



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Commissar Theocritus wrote:And Red, where have you been? I have been indoctrinating the newbie commies on another thread.

Where?! Where?! <runs through The Cude clicking frantikly> I want to help endoctrinate the unreedukated masses!



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Comrade Woody (who can expect a promotion soon with his kind of thinking) wrote:Viva la revolucion and all that.

Now that is the kind of thinking I like! Instead of saying "Viva la revolucion and the bloody purges, showtrials, trips to the gulags, festering corpses of suspected enemies, mass graves, starving populations, secret police bed checks, Janet Reno in a hot tub of her own BO and Hillary laughing in the faces of crying children", Comrade Woody instead opted to use "and all that" to carefully conceal all the wonderful things I have just mentioned from being known to the average AmeriKKKan idiot! Gold stars all around! A++! EXCELLENT WORK, COMRADE WOODY AND WELCOME! We need careful thinking these days... careful thinking that will bring us to absolute power.



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Absolutely. And it would solve the problem of what to do with what's left when we chop Michael Moore down to size. But wait. There's only one Dennis Kucinich. Is there a dwarf university anywhere?

Let's carry this further. Shall we give everyone eyes like Nansky? Can we sacrifice all the lemurs in the world?



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Cynical? Moi? Pas de tout! I'm a mere realist. I look at the Glorious People's Revolution in November of 2006 and my rheumy eyes tear up, realizing that it is indeed possible to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

But there are times that I realize that Valentino could take a #500 sow, put it in his finest dress of platinum lamé, bag and glasses by Prada, and have Mark Stewart chauffeur her around in Elizabeth II's Bentley and when the door opened, it would still be a pig in a frock.

...Hillary! How are you? So long since you've come. Hillary, is there something in your eye? Why is it twitching. Hillary, you're hurting me, stop that, or Bruno won't pick the ticks off your back. Hillary, this is Theocritus, remember? I'm the one who filled that swimming pool with virgin's blood for you and even bought the cumidin factory to keep it from clotting for your beauty bath! And see how good you look?

...Bruno. Look at that fat cow. You could braid her dewlaps...

Hillary! Don't tell me you've had some work done! Who could tell?

...Bruno, I carve turkeys better than that shit-faced drunk. Remember the time that you got in a rage and took a knife to that da Vinci we liberated with the pictures we had of that cardinal? Much better knife work than that...

Hillary, you don't even need make-up! Wonderful.

Ah. That's better now. Will you have a quart of 0 positive with some Aquavit?



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Commissar Theocritus wrote: Although when she comes to Rancho del Rio Grande in Texas, I insist, out of courtesy of course, that Bruno load her luggage and X-ray it on the way out. I lost a lot of good stuff that way.

Good News, Theo! I have arranged for a new, dedicated, 1200 kV transmission line to be installed at the Rancho del Rio Grande. We all remember the last time when Her Excellency and Mr. Reno stayed there and tried to use their Hildo 7.1.

Commissar Theocritus wrote: Speaking of, Meow, when are you coming back? I have a few more tasty women for you. And we can fly in my new black helicopter and buzz the camp of the Nature Conservancy here. What a kick. It's like making a Level 2 diabetic drink a jar of honey, or listen to Wagner's entire Ring.

PLEASE THEO!!! This time no booze and no hallucinogenics for Meow. The last time was a major nightmare! Once the U.S. Military went off of DEFCON 2 it took The Party™ an entire week to spin the P.R. on that affair! I know you had him thoroughly searched the last time, but this time do a body cavity search on him as well! Hell, perform it personally. But forget about Wagner. Though Wagner is apropos for a body cavity search, I recommend Gustav Mahler. Say ... his 9th Symphony? Or perhaps his 4th Symphony?




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We once tried to write a slasher script starring Elmer. We were going to call it "The Blood of Fudd." ("Be vewwy, vewwy quiet...I'm commiting atwocities! Ah-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu.") Fortunately we sobered up and went back to class.



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[html]But you can still, I think, get the one of Bugs making fun of the French chefs--there are times that I think that Warner Brothers did more to fracture them than all the bombs and panzers did. After all, the French merely excused that. But the French chef, to their self-love?

The fat German kids in Hansel and Gretel. The opera singer. But my favorite of all is "What's Opera, Doc?" I love classical music; I understand that Wagner was great; but I think that Twain was being generous when he said, "Wagner isn't as bad as he sound."

It's a huge, sodden, lumpy mass of Teutonic kitsch. But there is some fun in it. The introduction to <i>Parsifal</i> is the most sensuous, erotic music that I've ever heard, and I include things deliberately lubricious. If you listen to to that you will want to screw. It makes me twitch, and I'm not kidding.

And then Parsifal goes on for the search for the Holy Grail.[/html]



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GSG, I think that you're right. It's much like falling asleep during The Ring. After all, if you've heard one fat woman sing, you've heard them all, haven't you? Actually, no. Jessye Norman, when she's doing well, is superlative. If she's not on form, turn it off.

I think that Glass is a most equal composer. He has proven that to be successful you don't have to have talent. All you have to do is make music to fuck by. In this way it's hip-hop moved to Carnegie Hall.

Carl Reiner told the story of landing in New York and taking a cab. The driver was Philip Glass. Glass drove around the block three or four times, and Reiner reached through the opening and grabbed him.

"You better stop that if you don't want to find out what it's like to be born backwards!"

He did.