The Alternative Secret History of the World

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Howard Zinn Imitates the People's Cube:

Just as Pajamas Media published A People's History: The "Progressive" Version that makes fun of Howard Zinn's version of history and begins with the words "Excuse me while I question your patriotism, comrades progressives," a magazine called The Progressive published Howard Zinn's essay Put away the flags that illustrates all the points covered above.

At the same time James Taranto in his Best of the Web Today comments on Howard Zinn's essay (see Pinin' for the Fjords part), ending it with the words, "Finally, someone whose patriotism we can question!"

It's funny how it all came together on the night before the Fourth of July.



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[html]I just signed up to the Daily know...."Hold your friends close...your enemies closer....."

LMAO......On this communist, red, skulking website it takes a few seconds and you can post.

LOL....The Daily Kos can't endure the onslought of new members poking them in the eye so they say...." can't post for 24 hours and one week on the blogs".

<img width="540" src=" ... cture9.png">

To me...this is just another way them to liberal ideology is crap and simply not strong enough to stand up to interrogation.

They should be welcoming the unwashed conservative hordes.......but they tank 'em in a salt water brine for at least 24 hours.

What a bunch of stinky, stained underwear the Left remains.![/html]



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Commissar Theocritus wrote:The single tenet of the left is to divorce actions from consequences. You will find that it explains everything about them. If you do not want to be responsible for yourself, for your existence, then you tend to be totalitarian, with capricious punishment, shifting blame, witch hunts, pograms. And not a single one of these people will stand on his own feet and say, "I exist. I am. I take responsibility for me."

These tools that we shall use for the advancement for our progressive ideology are like children grasping at the truth but always missing. It is not the divorcing of actions from consequences that is important, as they will discover once the revolution is complete, rather it is the divorcing of history from the factual base that is critical. He who controls the history controls the present and the future. This is why it is imperative that we control the perception of history. It is of course true that as you said, their erroneous thinking leads to capricious punishment, witch hunts, and pogroms - not that there is anything wrong with witch hunts and pogroms that lead to the establishment and strengthening of the Glorious State as well we know. But as they will discover, their punishment will not be capricious at all when we line them up against the wall, and then of course we will be sure to have their written confessions where they will take responsibility for their actions.



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How fascinating about B. F. Skinner; better that one not be a monster of course, unless it's for a good Party cause and then the sky's the limit. A friend of mine while at Harvard had a girlfriend, now a law prof, who was one of Skinner's special students. Every year he would choose one student who would spend a lot of time with him, and she said that people who disagreed with him could not argue with him--there was simply no comprehension possible between them as though they were talking separate languages. And indeed there might have been.

I have seen similar disconnects between people whose minds are ordered by fact and whose minds are ordered by faith; between stupid and intelligent people; and between hysterical and impatient sober people. And indeed one of the wonders of the world is that people do not realize that to try to impress one's ideas on someone who cannot or will not receive them is a waste of time and an irritation to all concerned. But if you're nasty, like me, you can be indifferent and really piss 'em off.



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Commisar Theocritus!

Your opinion is need over in the Blog Section!

Check "Bridge Breaks Bush to Blame"

Are those the biggest areolas you've ever seen?
I swear they're bigger than the 165g Frisbee.

The Empress wants a transplant. Can it be arranged?




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Sister Massively Opiated wrote:...and I am a self-emancipated navy-trained Marine Sniper Dolphin, though really, my skills are much more... diverse... than that...

Comrade SMO, the Pup can not but help but ask how do you feel about cross species, shall we say, mutual Party dogma exchange sessions?



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Comrade Pupovich,

As a Kommissar of The Cube, I must uphold the will of the Party and as such, any time I post I am exchanging "mutual Party dogma", as you put it. But need it be asked at all? I am a tool of the Party Organ, and if one but only looks around at the multiude of species The People's Cube and the Party admit, it is impossible not to draw the conclusion that to be a member of the People's Cube is to eschew and condemn specieism. I and my pod are dolphins, while Rev. L. Dogged is Friend of People - a true hero dog and DJ par excellence (please see most recent Blogs and adjust your tin foil hat)... Chairman M. S. Punchenko is a party animal... While Betty devoted to Poodles, as am I...

Many of the members have long-term relationships with both vegetable AND appliances, and are active in the liberation and equal rights movements of both groups. Our dearest Vulpine member was only recently a Hedgehog before his successful operation, and yet continues to raise his hedgehog young with his pointy wife... Pravda is actually a human being, if you can believe it!!! (I know!!!... and yet, his shovel is as sharp as any of ours!)... and Dr. P is actually a doctor... well... a Ph.D. but he practises medicine, if you can believe it!!! (I know!!!... and yet, his wit is as sharp as any of ours, and his fashion sense much much better!!!).

Theocritus is the official Party Chimera, having made the ultimate sacrifice for The Kollective, and now takes on whatever role he feels best serves the Party Organ, sometimes several at once... it is a most difficult and demanding task and though I may be responsible for cleaning up after Meow, I am in awe of Theocritus' dedication. Proud Comrade Otis has given up his maritime duties to serve as a nurse at the Karl Marx Treatment Centre for the Criminally Confused and Terminally Kulak - it is sad and draining work, especially when it is FOR THE CHILDREN! Finally, our Glorious Leader, Red Square, has given up his animal/biological nature altogether, and for the Greater Good, has become a Pythagorean Ideal, The Great Incarnadine Trapezoid!

These are my fellow Kommissars, and beside them I am humbled. I can only follow their example... MUST follow their example of tolerance and acceptance and so I practise the exchange of "mutual Party dogma" (but unlike Meow, not bodily fluids) each time I contrive to post to The People's Cube, and in the service of The Party and The Cause... In the service of The Daily Truth* I know I have left out other deserving and dedicated Cubists whose most excellent example I attempt to follow, however poorly...

And so, Comrade Pupovich, I can only answer your query in the affirmative... That said, on the issue of MIMEs (aka MM, Mikael, Troll-Prime), I must defer to the judgement and wisdom of the Politburo, and all questions related to the aforementioned Homonculi/Golem should be placed through official party lines, in accordance with Party Policy.

Character Counts!

*The Daily Truth ™ is subject to change without notice.



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The Pup stands corrected by a master.... but the Pup must confess he can handle Cher much more easier than Babs.




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I have very fond memories of some teachers--Mrs. Kelley, my high-school Latin teacher, taught me so well that four years after only two years, I went directly into second-year Latin at Rice, and knew the grammar better than anyone else in the class. But most important, she taught me to think. She'd put down the book and ask, e.g., "Theocritus, what do you think your rights are?"

You could say anything, as long as you were thinking. If you were trying but wrong, she'd guide you. If you were flippant, she'd chew your head off. I loved the woman. And I had professors I thought the world of.

They knew their subjects, not the science of pedagogy.

Literature is enviable. I did nothing but hard sciences and am catching up, or trying to do so in a desultory way. My knowledge of literature is slight, and only by reference. A good vocabulary is lipstick only.



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You are far too kind comrade mitro. I'm just a loyal Party member serving the People (and the Children). Just an equal among many, like yourself. All praise (and blame) goes to Red Square.

(Besides, Party members who get too popular have a funny way of disappearing, if you get my drift)





Oh But you forget dear kommrades, things in Amerikkka are getting better but only in places where the false truth of American history aka tyranny has been refuted with Prog/Prole activism. The People's enclave of Portland for example, is now full time exhibition dedicated to new era of prog glory with many artworks showing this.