[floatleft-nb]I have been selflessly orbiting Earth
since 1957, breaking space endurance
records, proving Soviet Space Program
is more advanced than Amerikanski
Program. Man on the moon, ptooey!
Amerikanski not returned to moon
since 1972, and I am still up here!

But I would like to come back to Earth
and help Amerikanski workers and
farmers defeat capitalist oppressors
and live happily like Soviet workers
and farmers. They could use help
from Hero Dog of Soviet Union,
Friend of People, no?

Laika (Controlling your tinfoil hats
since 1957)

Official May Day Address 2007

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We will now have the collection for the collective. Just press Pay Pal on the left hand side bar and you'll receive a Carbon Indulgence marked down in the Book of Goremon for all eternity.

Certainly, I just need to find a kkkapitlaist pig to tax first....



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Transmission from Laika Space Dog:

Climatology is on the rise; 76% of Americans claim to be Goremaneons. Other religions, Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism, Buddhism, etc..... (with the exception of Islam) are being categorized as "unpopular religions" in a effort promote the Later Day Church of Climatology, much in same way we are promoting defeat in Iraq.