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5/4/2021, 7:55 am
Yes, most Red Square on cancelled before it was cool.

When 'pelipsky first met Red Square on Shake Down Socialism tour, 'pelipsky had already been cancelled from teaching middle school remedial readers to read better for their own good...because 'pelipsky just 'might' be nuts. Of course, having the student who was so mixed up that he did an action item straight out of a Flannery O'Connor morality tale still sitting in class next to the rest of the collective's beet sprouts, while 'pelipsky was relieved of duties improving reading levels because 'pelipsky - the victim - was the obvious THREAT TO World Peace and safe learning environment was shoving 'pelipsky into accepted nut status.

CANCELLED! Before it was cool.

Which is why 'pelipsky had organized a kkklub that reeducated themselves on hard to read Federalist Papers which were nothing more than illiterate colonial's version of letters to the editor printed in uneducated about the purpose of government colonial newspapers. If not for this kkklub, Red Square would not have had a gathering of ignoramuses in Texazistan to speak to about his ideas about Shake Downs and Socialism.

Cancelling Red Square is to cancel ourselves.

So that's the back story on how 3 decades ago the mythical horned rodent's mind was reshaped for the future, which is now the present. Look at the age of the get cancelled or we will burn down your livelihood pacifist groups and you will see what 30 years of 'pelipsky NOT improving the reading levels of remedial readers at the neighborhood public school campus actually l@@ks like.

That's the power of cancellation, comrades.

'pelipsky is goin' to save up some rubles - what the going rate on recycled aluminum cans these days - so 'pelipsky can be walking billboard of what the Cancel Culture can do to the mind of a dumb bunny remedial reading teacher in order to keep all those Federal Programmed $$$$$$$$$$$ rollin' in to help fix the problem of beet sprouts not being able to read good or conduct themselves to certain norms of civilization. Poor mixed up student is now serving 75 in Texazistan's Prison Sentence for doing something...well...just a little mixed up in the head. Which was perfectly acceptable behavior to remain in desk sitting next your little beet sprout back in 1991.

And no!! That is NOT a smirk!! That's just the normal face of a harelipped mythical horned rodent who graduated a whole bunch of Federalist Paper'd Constitution remediated readers right here in the collective. Those same remediated readers who sat in rapt attention as cancelled Red Square talked about Shake Downs and Socialism.

That's why the mythical horned rodent MUST remain CANCELLED! That jackalopelipsky is nuts, as well as a damn fine enabler of a safe learning environment for American Liberty.

forelock tug to the cancelled his entire life Red Square,
Russian Asset
#BR 549 (BR of course Banana Republic)
Cancelled 1991

5/5/2021, 8:46 am
Be CANCELLED Before It's Cool!

Be the Political Climate Change Activist TPC selectively trained comrade you were meant to be. Able to withstand days of parking garage in a Washington D.C. winter conditions, comrades, just like that General in the series TURN. 'pelipsky was allowed two episodes each evening, here at the burrow, so TURN is fresh off the mythical horned rodent's mind.

Order your selected product "I was cancelled before cancel was cool" before it's like a 'Member's Only' cliche'.