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19 Feb 2013, 10:23
Dear Comrades,

The Commissar for Healthcare Enforcement of the Department of Compulsory Health and Mandatory Human Services has announced that, because of the Party’s successful implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan is no longer seeking new applicants.

At this time, the Commissar has determined that all citizens are now sufficiently covered by State-approved medical services, and there are no more citizens in need.

Citizens are now instructed to have no further medical conditions that require government assistance, and the acquisition of new 'pre-existing conditions' is now forbidden.

Since all citizens are now covered by some type of government-mandated program, there are no longer any ‘pre-existing’ conditions that would disqualify a citizen from coverage.

Workers and peasants of the USSA retain the right to present themselves at any hospital emergency room for immediate treatment, and by law they cannot be refused. This, of course, was law before the new law, but the new law also redistributes the costs of medical coverage through a more elaborated system subject to more government scrutiny, which is expected to improve the quality of healthcare treatment.

As we all know, government oversight improves efficiency and decreases costs. By providing more documentation of services and double-checking the necessity and appropriateness of procedures, the State assures all citizens of equal treatment. No longer will one citizen receive favorable or better service, but all will partake of exactly the same, fair level of treatment.

Citizens, we have seen the Bourgeoisie and Kulaks use their money to purchase better medical treatment than the workers and peasants of the USSA. Comrade Party Chairman and President Barack Barackovich Obama is leading America to a future in which money will no longer buy you better things than what your neighbor has. Yes, we are called to a bright future of complete equality, where money and favoritism will be utterly displaced by the joys of equality!

The Commissar for Healthcare Enforcement will soon begin compulsory collectivization of those citizens who refuse to pay their fair share of the healthcare program. Kulaks will be paying penalties for their excessive hoarding through their refusals to pay into the State-mandated insurance collectives. Please assist the Commissar by denouncing uninsured citizens.

Onward to Victory over the Uninsured!
All loyal citizens participate in medical insurance!

Faithfully submitted to the Collective of the People’s Cube,
Comrade Nomenklatura-climber
Dialectical Progressivism Translator

19 Feb 2013, 12:21

19 Feb 2013, 12:57
Red Square

OBAMACARE stomps out refusals to pay into the State-mandated insurance collectives.
Onward to Victory over the Uninsured!

Brought to you by the Commissar for Healthcare Enforcement of the Department of Compulsory Health and Mandatory Human Services

19 Feb 2013, 13:18
Already I can feel the Power healing my existing tendency to backslide into Tea-Party type thinking and other heresies, for which tendencies I am, of course, confined to this straightjacket for my own good and for the Greater Good.


19 Feb 2013, 13:24
Brilliant, Comrade Director, absolutely brilliant! I can feel that caring boot stomping down on my soul... if I had one!
Red Square wrote:Poster being made...

19 Feb 2013, 13:29
Edited some typos and grammar problems.

19 Feb 2013, 14:01

19 Feb 2013, 15:28
$.$. Halliburton
Psst... Hey you. Can't get what you need from the government? Afraid of the State? Don't have enough kopecks to bribe your way around the bureaucracy? Need medical attention quickly enough to save your life? Need to see a real doctor? Come to the new Halliburton Back Alley Black Market Medical Clinic. E-Z financing to fit your budget. Call Vinny.

19 Feb 2013, 18:21
Comrade Putout

20 Feb 2013, 00:24
health is your responsibility.jpg
Your health is your responsibility. What, you thought we were going to take care of you, you unproductive lout? We need to thin out those who are of no use to the State, especially those sitting on piles of money better served through State Redistribution.

20 Feb 2013, 00:37
Hey, don't get the cart in front of the peasant (because we had to eat the horse...)!

20 Feb 2013, 01:36
Just call me a futurist.


Obama is digging up Jack Kevorkian to run the panel.

20 Feb 2013, 18:42
Captain Craptek
Here, Dear Leader. You can use my shovel.