Speak to the Proletariate!

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Comrade Bunny! We yearn for the benefit of your insight and wisdom!



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Yes, I wish to know about this freakishly naked human-bunny hybrid as well.



Hey Bunny!, does the name "Old Fart" ring a bell?
I'm the newest guy on the block! I'm looking forward to kicking Butt and taking names like the old days on Protest Warrior.



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Yes, Old Fart, liberals do make great pets, except

1. It's a felony to kill one.

2. They piss on more things than the worst unfixed tomcat.

3. They bite the hand that feeds them.

4. They snarl all the time.

5. They try to hunch your leg if you have a house on Martha's Vineyard.

6. They dress funny.

Other than that, they're wonderful people and I have found that they make really great rugs that I like walking on.



Thanks for the reply Bro.
I take great pride in being a Neo-Con, Fascist, Republican, War Monger and I think that it's high time that the Republicans in our government got up off their spineless asses and put a little time into what we elected them to do!
Actually, I'm a Paleo-Con, I've been of voting age and voting Republican since 1963!



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The Republicans in government have succumbed as all elected politicians do to the blandishments of power--the flattery, the subservience, the laughing at jokes, the expensive lunches and junkets. If Nansky Pelosivich can be this silly now, imagine how fatuous she will be after a couple of years of being told how intelligent she is--and she's stupid, and vain, enough that she'll be happy to believe it. She has every sign of looking at the entire American government as a mirror for her reflection.

In a way, the Republicans are more disappointing than the Democrats because I've known what the Democrats have been up to for decades, and now the Republicans are Democrats in drag.

And there is little to choose. The Democrats start with fears to incite hysteria: global warming, racism, rich people (although more rich people are Democrats), and so forth, and then they present themselves as the answer.

The Republicans, now that the Berlin wall has fallen, generally try to engender hysteria by whipping up homophobia--finding a queer under every bed. And they will stop the Homosexual Agenda™. Yeah. Like I care about their spotty children.

In both cases they are the saviors, and in both cases they need money, which means power.

A distinction without a difference.



Oh so true!
Speaking of "Homosexuals under every bed". There not under the bed anymore!
"Transgender candidate for prom king makes her mark"
Fresno High, class of 63



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A few decades ago, my old alma mater, Rice, ran a man as homecoming queen and a woman, Elaine W**** as homecoming king. Neither was homosexual, and once I saw Elaine lead a group of boys to Lukingbeal's bedroom for a gang bang. They did it to piss off the frats and sors in the Southwest Conference, and it did a good job of that. Very funny indeed. To see them in the Cotton Bowl parade.

And no, homosexuals are not under the bed any more, nor in the closet. Most definitely not in the closet. It's dark in there.



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Commissar Theocritus wrote:...and now the Republicans are Democrats in drag.
LOL. How true. Yet they are being willified on every occasion as fascists. Maybe it's because real fascists are also Democrats in drag. And idea worth developing further...



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Red Square wrote:Yet Republicans are being willified on every occasion as fascists.
This is the psychological mechanism called projection. I once was involved with someone who accused me of being mean. I was not. He was.

I too think that Democrats are fascists in drag for their single defining characteristic is the will to power without accountability. The glory of power without the responsibility. Nothing matters but power and they all understand that, and that's why they are servile to ones worse than they are, knowing, as does any school child, that when the bully gets weak, or the lion gets old, a younger stronger one will topple him.

Rule of law means nothing except as a way to control people. You'll notice the selective enforcement and the double standard. Nothing matters but power. Nothing. There is no honor, only the will to power.

There are a few lefties, Rod Liddle, Cristopher Hitchens, who don't quite fit this bill but they do not scream oppression .