Real Liberals hate OWS, Obamacare, and the Neoleft.

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I was a liberal. Dad worked a union job, we lived in a rent controlled apartment, and we were taught to help people in need. I was the smart kid and loved the praise I would receive from teachers. I went to public school in Brooklyn NY and graduated from Brooklyn College. I became a public school teacher.

Becoming a teacher taught me something…that liberals really aren’t “liberal”. They are the kids that run up to me crying “no fair” when they made out playing whiffle ball during PE. Another teacher once went back to the students and made them let this child get another turn at bat…then another…then another. After swinging and missing about 20 times the child finally hit the ball weakly. He wasn’t satisfied though; he screamed “no! I want to hit it “goodly” (I did mention this is public school right?)”. We will teach this kid better excuses, blame tactics, and the art of being a victim.

In Brooklyn College I had to attend courses taught by Priya Parmar. Go ahead and Google her name. Did you do it? Yes? Well what you read is true. She required me to teach a math class that included “hip-hop and literacy” and show that FOX news lies. To be fair to FOX news they never charge tuition so one can forgive them if they choose to do what we do, promote a political agenda while debunking the opposition’s view of the world.

It was during the past year that I was forced to open my eyes. I have a friend who works in a hospital in South Florida. She is worried about losing her job because they are facing layoffs. The reason is that insurance is no longer reimbursing them as much as they once did. A test that costs approximately $1300 is now reimbursed approximately $86.
I mentioned what was happening to the hospitals in her area on Facebook. Naturally this was all the “1%’s” fault. Ahhh yes, the OWS movement…a bunch of losers who spew Hitler’s rhetoric with the PC term for “Jew”. They hate an evil rich minority that is responsible for…well you know the story, unless your education was limited to what the UFT approves of.

Here is a typical OWS idiot who clearly wanted me not to mention how Obamacare is causing hospital layoffs in Miami Dade and Broward county.
“Dale Ankney ‎@New Paradigm, sad your a slow person, you must be a 1%er, I say live where your money is, or pay more for your protection while living in America, & they wouldn't be successful if there was no labors, no one would even know them. So did you steal from the people that made it for you, if so, you know you will pay it back. My Dad is long gone, but your welcome for your grandmother freedom, he was there in an American uniform. So be happy with your money, but let me remind you, GOD Almighty is watching & has been for a long time, & you can't hide, so will your works just go up in smoke. I'll bet anything you won't return to Israel & live, if you are jewish. So while your here enjoy your welfare freedom”

The GOP seems like what I believed the DNC to be. I despise the OWS Nazis and refuse to teach this “99% vs. 1%” crap they encourage us to teach to children with your tax dollars. The union is not very supportive of my decision. Having lived in Brooklyn I know very well the mindset and character of union leaders so I blame myself for being surprised by their reaction to my refusal.

When I blamed myself for a mistake I made I realized I am not an American liberal.



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Beautiful NP. No you are not the word that has been redefined by Marxists. Liberal™. You can thank Marcuse and The Frankfurt School for the beginning of the glorious stealth language in the U.S. and Double Standards. Which as you well may know is the product of the Hegelian Dialectic.

Yes, Marx hated Jews, though he was a descendant. You can find it in his writings. Self-loathing Marx and Self-loathing Hitler had a lot in common.

Of course you probably know all this, but perhaps I can share more than Yuri Betinov. Are we on the way to the communist dream of World Domination? Of course we are. And we will all live happily and peacefully within it's constraints: A New World Order.

"The individually protected "rights of the people" are ended. Advice from Christian texts no longer apply. All sovereignty was declared a barrier to justice, equality, and illuminated leadership, several decades ago. In the outdated American system, all protections from government intrusions were declared as natural born rights. Individual Rights were claimed to come from the Creator (but a debate rages over which Creator the founders meant). In the end, it's not the Architect of the Universe, Baal, Dagon, Satan or Lucifer who rules the New World Order. The God to end all other Gods is Mother World, and She has "rights" too. Pachamama's "rights" are just as valid as the "rights" claimed by mortal men, plus She has the additional right of trying mortal men in her international tribunal... but that's only because she's a good mother." Read More about Communitariansm:

And how do we Communists/Communitarians/Liberals™/Progressives plan on re-organizing the Mother Earth to protect her from the evil Humans?

"UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all information, and all human beings in the world. INVENTORY AND CONTROL."

Read More:

Of course this is all Right Wing Extremist™ propaganda, there is no Agenda21 comrade!



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Oh, and of course your not alone, as you may well know your fellow Jewish New Yorker, thoughtcriminal David Mamet has also defected: ... ad-liberal ... servative/

The Party™ will eventually round up all you thoughtcriminals!