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05 Nov 2005, 18:08

National Organizing Kickoff

On November 15th thousands of Democrats will experience our 50-state strategy up close and in person.

In many places there are vitally important elections in just a few weeks -- but we cannot afford to stop organizing and stop building after Election Day 2005. Next year’s elections will be a national referendum on the Republican culture of corruption in Washington and in the states, and we cannot wait until a few months before the election to get ready -- we need to start organizing right now.

Every one of us needs to take responsibility for the Democratic organization in our neighborhoods.

So on November 15th, ordinary Americans will open up their homes to their friends and neighbors for a night of planning and action. Hosts of National Organizing Kickoff meetings will have materials to run a briefing on our party-building efforts, the political landscape in your state and opportunities to take action locally.


By hosting an event for the national organizing kickoff, you can help build the party one neighbor at a time. Your event will help Democrats recruit people to become active in their precinct and commit to volunteer on Election Day to elect Democrats.

The primary goal for hosting at the organizing kickoff is to get other Democrats and like-minded folks in your neighborhood active and involved in building the Party. As a Democratic Activist, you greatly increase your ability to help Democrats win office by increasing the number of people in your neighborhood who get involved.


Getting more people involved does not require spending a lot of money or hosting a fancy event. Remember, people already care about the issues, and want to be involved. All you have to do is give them the opportunity to meet others who share their interest in the Democratic Party. Opening up your home is great way to do this. You can also host a event at your local park or community center, if you'd prefer. For that matter, a event in your home can be very easy and inexpensive. Invite local Democrats over for a Coffee! The point is to get your neighbors together.


Start with your friends, family and neighbors, perhaps your colleagues from work. But you don't need to stop there. Reach out to other people in your neighborhood whom you may not know yet, but who have volunteered for the Democratic Party in the past. Your District or County Chair may have a list of these people.

A successful event does not need to be large. Getting 10 or 15 people together from your neighborhood, all for the purpose of discussing politics and signing up to get active in the Party, is a huge success! Certainly, you are welcome to host a larger event. The sky's the limit.

You may want to invite local Democratic officeholders, as well as your county or district Democratic Party leaders, such as your local Democratic Chair.

Be sure to follow up with those who RSVP to remind them as the date approaches. This will help ensure a strong attendance.

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1. Welcome and Introductions

Welcome your guests and have participants introduce themselves.

2. Overview of the 50 State Strategy

We'll send you materials that help describe the 50 State Strategy and the State Partnership Project so that you can better understand the strategy behind them.

3. State Political Landscape

Take time to discuss upcoming races, and how to get in touch with Party leadership by sharing their contact information.

4. Ways to get Involved

We'll give you a list of ways you can get involved and who you can contact to maximize your efforts on a local level.

5. Our Vision for America

We'll help you get the Democratic message out to your friends and neighbors.

6. What's Next?

This is just the first step. As we move forward, we'll keep you active in your communities so you can help Democrats win up and down the ticket.

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07 Nov 2005, 00:40
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