Eu Socialist's Cry For Help

European Socialist
I will sue because they do not allow me anymore to post on the peoples blog. I have first amendment rights and free speech rights. I will contact the ACLU and the DNC because everybody should have the right to post on the peoples blog. Hillary Clinton will be my lawyer and I´m sure that she can help. The peoples blog is for the people and I´m a member of the people. So I have the right to post on this blog. Free speech on the peoples blog is in danger and I cannot tolerate this. Everybody who supports me should send protest mails to the owners of



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Well, have you registered on the site yet?



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Dear European Socialist

You are an A$$HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! BURN IN HELLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kommissar Betty

P.S. That right there was an example of my free speech rights, so f*ck off.