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07 Jan 2008, 22:13
Superkommissar Maksim
As a how do say “newbie” to The People’s Cube. I am joyous to find many progressive comrades. I have found a digital Motherland. At same time I feel deep sadness, you progressives are not equal to my former CCCP comrades. You try hard, and I commend you for doing so. However there is too much free thought posted on this site. I propose a clampdown, only party approved speech should be allowed. Suspected violators should be turned over to me. I have vast knowledge with these matters.

07 Jan 2008, 23:21
Premier Betty
[html]Okay, n00b, you are entitled to a short, and I mean <i>short</i> introduction to TPC. Someone else can help you out there, any volunteers?

If you have any questions, just ask. Any available Party tm representatives will be "happy" to help.

Important messages are usually posted in teh people's blog. As you explore, you will gain a proper knowledge of what the heck is going on (hopefully), and if you still are stuck, then just hit yourself in the head with a shovel until you no longer feel anything (it works for me!).[/html]

07 Jan 2008, 23:39
Superkommissar Maksim
спасибо, Betty

08 Jan 2008, 00:20
Ivan Betinov
And no bleedin nips out of my brain jar, no matter how thirsty oppressing the proles makes you. I've got enough trouble keeping Pupovich out of it tonight, what with his Tigers triumphing.

08 Jan 2008, 00:22
Ivan Betinov
For an overview of postings, click on the "groupthink" tab at the bottom of the People's Cube bannerhead. It'll take you to an index of threads.

08 Jan 2008, 00:27
Superkommissar Maksim
спасибо, Ivan

Workers of trade and social nutrition, consumer services, and communal housing management! Bring into wider use progressive forms and methods of work! Struggle for a high level of culture in the servicing of the Soviet people!

08 Jan 2008, 00:33
Ivan Betinov
Yes, and one other thing: You may have the sword and sheild of the Party, but Commisarka Pinkie has a shovel that pretty much trumps anything.

08 Jan 2008, 00:42
Superkommissar Maksim
Ivan Betinov wrote:Commisarka Pinkie has a shovel that pretty much trumps anything.

08 Jan 2008, 00:52
Premier Betty
And I'm a guy. If you're wondering about the name I chose, just watch Kung Pow Enter the Fist.

08 Jan 2008, 02:09
Superkommissar Maksim
Oh, I thought because of handsome mustache you might really be Empress Hilary.

08 Jan 2008, 15:32
Comrade TankoGrad
I can see the confusion, but our MTE is not Betty. Betty is working with powerfull Pyramid undocumented extra-terrestrial French Marxists seeking to turn the evil Western Europe into a Islamo-Communist (or is that Commo-Islamist? Depends on who you ask, I guess) "utopia". In this, Betty is a force for the Common Good(tm) and the Party!!

They also work tirelessly to end the occupation of "neo-con talking tongues"!

09 Jan 2008, 03:25
Premier Betty
[html]It's true. Here is video evidence of my final moments before my humiliating defeat by that filthy rethuglican Chosen One.