Eric the Red Rivals Comrade Fidel's Lengthy Diatribes

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Here is Eric the Red's latest Lengthy Diatribe. Comrade Fidel would be so proud. This one appeared in the 9-12 Tea Party Pictures: Red Cube Goes to Washington thread.

Cheers to the moralistic state of the people! Not one reference to;Swastikas, Obama with a Hitler mustache, Obama burning in effigy, theU.S. Flag shamefully (gloriously) aflame, signs with misspelled words,everyone dogpiling on the guy with the "Tea-Bagged" sign, skinnydipping in the reflecting pool, and most of all nudity.

Appeasement is not a tactic that is useful against any opposingforce unless you are prepared to surrender. Which according to thelatest news is the Obama plan for Afghanistan.

On the bright side, Dear Leader knows full and well the greatestthreat to his lifetime success of being the greatest and longestserving leader in history is to make friends with the people who arethe least threat (islamofascists) to his master plan, and enemies withthe people who are his greatest threat (American patriots and allies).

Anyone who suggests Dum Furer isn't doing things exactly as he hadplanned is fooling themselves into a false sense of security for afreedom which is about to forever be erased from the face of the earth.

If these people had any brains, or ability to act out, they wouldhave been burning the symbol of hope and change, and quite possibly theentire house, senate, and structure of the politburo that is thefarcicle remnant of the "We the people" structure which has beenappointed, elected, or erected as an abomination to the founders of theoriginal documents and structures adapted by and built by the deadpeople who wrote and built them in the first place.

There is no appeasement of reaching across the aisle, it must be anall out effort to WIN, disrupt, distract, discredit, deconstruct,destroy, desecrate the enemy, or lose the war. The only redistributionshould be the power of elected officials by imposing term limits andrestricting political campaign funding sources.

On a lighter note, they did clean up their own mess, costingthousands of hard working state employees much needed pay which wouldhave meant many thousands of dollars of "revenue" which could have goneto paying for abortions in other countries which aren't so backward andself thinking as this one.

Here is another Eric the Red quote about Capitalists after Pinkie gave him a good Whack. You can see that either Pinkie didn't whack him hard enough, or he has the hide of a Beluga Whale. ... 6110#76110

Long time reader, second time poster.
Thank you all for reminding me the danger of making light humor ofthe very real threat to freedom that is the politics of a peoplesstate, as opposed to a state of the people.
I have been attacked before many times for many reasons, but noneso looked as similar to what I have seen from the most fervent radicalfascist sites, that I no longer visit, as the "whack" I was rewardedwith on this thread the other day.
You need to check your priorities.
Somewhere there is a plug that has become disconnected and in yourzest to mock your discomfort for the lifestyle of true fascist marxism,you have taken this as a testament to how you really feel.
I am appalled at your behavior. Sarcasm is not an attack againstsimilar thinking people, nor does it ever step on the opinions ofpeople when you don't understand their motivations, even though theywere explained to you.
I'll take the truth speaking about freedom being better thansarcastic snarking about the slavery, incarceration, and murder of apeople with every breath I take, and will defend it until my finalbreath is taken away from me by whatever force is greater than my willto survive.
And if that is reason for a "whack" then bring it on! I am theMOB and we cannot be removed from the face of the earth no matter yourefforts.

And another one from the Obama Care thread:

Fellow sufferers of flotsam-like serfdom, I must inject another of themost wonderful of all the greatest of suffering of the downtrodden, andoutcast of our entire generation. the husband of tippy tippy tin MaryElizabeth Aitcheson, the former vice president of the United States ofAmerica, wounded in combat, hero of his military unit, best sellingauthor, and Nobel prize lauriate, Mr Albert Arnold Gore Jr. Of all thepeople active in the public view on a world stage, no singlenon-elected, or appointed, person has so much to lose by not beingembraced by the masses of the people of the world and sending money tohis cause than this man. For this he should be revered, if notimprinted on the 100,000,000 dollar bill, when it is finally put intoproduction sometime in November 2012.

And before that, Eric the Red declares his hatred of capitalists: ... ght=#75835

What is wrong with you all? The brilliant, wonderful, totally forwardthinking (read, want to be fascistic dictator) in charge of Amerika nowis absolutely changing the future of the world with his apologeticeffort to pay every worthless scum-sucking lazy bastard/bitch on theface of the earth reparations for the decadent self serving greed whichhas defined America for 200 years. Someone needs to pay for all thatgreed. The greedy need to suffer like the masses they have subjected totheir imperialism for all these years, or there will be no justice onthe face of the earth. On another note, screw the jews, it's commonknowledge God won't act until all the world is against His people.
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He doesn't have to agree Leninka, but he does need to lighten up. You don't just show up and start bustin' nuts like the MTE, unless your the MTE.



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Dang, get a sense of humor. What separates the Happy Warrior from the fanatic, after all, if it isn't humor? Just b/c a group of people can find laughter in the moronic proceedings of the human race does not mean they aren't deadly serious about the dangers abounding and already actively attempting to change them in their own communities.



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Unfortunately, we've got one of the worst possible trolls. It's not a left-wing troll who doesn't understand the site, it's a right-wing troll who doesn't understand the site.

I didn't think it was possible, but I've been proven wrong before.



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Ooh... I've met a lot of other trolls on a lot of other sites, but I've never heard of a troll as bad as this guy. He needs some serious prozac.



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[html]Have you met our favored troll Gollum? He is in the cage next door...
On a tastier note: Have you ever see a Rooster eat a Chupacabra?

And how was your Orientation Komrade, was your boxcar ride pleasant enough? Did your Commissar give you free shoveling time? Did you have time to read The Politburo's message to new proles on your train ride?
<br>A stint in The Karl Marx Treatment Center is a demanded by The Party(TM).[/html]



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I assure you honorable commissar Rooster, I am working for the best interests of the Neo-socialist collective of America (if that moniker is fair enough and implies equality and good world image) and wish to protect the people from the capitalist trolls. My boxcar ride was very eye-opening, and while I regret being unable to meet Gollum, I enjoy my shovelling and want more for the good of all goat-suckers.



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Well, Comrade Il Duce Chupacabra, I see you have aquired the korrekt respect for Party officials, such as myself. Yes, comrade, I hoed a lot of rows of beets for my status in The Party(TM) (and paid off a few hitmen), er... worked my way up based on my peasant status. So please komrade, keep shoveling for the good of your goat suckers...

All will come to pass in good time.



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Welcome Comrade Chupacabra,

We are all "made" progressives here, and live behind the irony curtain, if you get my drift. Sometimes we slip up, and revert to what was imprinted on our brain from our Kapitalist upbringing. At this time, it is a good idea to get yourself to the near Jiffi LoboTM stations for regular treatments to remove all Kapitalist debris from your brain.



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Red Rooster wrote:Have you met our favored troll Gollum? He is in the cage next door...
On a tastier note: Have you ever see a Rooster eat a Chupacabra?

And how was your Orientation Komrade, was your boxcar ride pleasant enough? Did your Commissar give you free shoveling time? Did you have time to read The Politburo's message to new proles on your train ride?
<br>A stint in The Karl Marx Treatment Center is a demanded by The Party(TM).
I thought Mikael the Mime was our favorite troll. Sure, Gollum was bad, but the Silent Killer has his own web page.[/html]