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Become a DNC Grassroots Partner

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Posted from Germany

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netname: DTAG-DIAL20
descr: Deutsche Telekom AG
country: DE
admin-c: DTIP
tech-c: DTST
remarks: ******************************************************************
remarks: * Abuse Contact: in case of Spam, *
remarks: * Hack Attacks, Illegal Activity, Violation, Scans, Probes, etc. *
remarks: ******************************************************************
mnt-by: DTAG-NIC
source: RIPE # Filtered
person: DTAG Global IP-Addressing
address: Deutsche Telekom AG
address: D-90492 Nuernberg
address: Germany
phone: +49 180 5334332
fax-no: +49 180 5334252
nic-hdl: DTIP
mnt-by: DTAG-NIC
source: RIPE # Filtered



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Once in a while an overzealous proletarian would fathom the connection and ask us to join the movement. Oh really? WE ARE THE MOVEMENT!

But shhhh!


We're not supposed to be openly affiliated! We don't even know what the DNC stands for. We don't even know what the UN stands for. Us? Movers and shakers? Behind the curtain? What's a curtain? What's a shadow Politburo? What's a backstage? What's sub-rosa? You mean Omarosa? We're not openly affiliated with that Clinton-Gore political appointee either!

Loose tongues sink ships, comrade! Or should I say citizen? A very foolish citizen! To the Gulag with you! Siberia is not in America? Really? You just wait 'til the world becomes one! One world, one thought, one idea! Under one progressive world government! Where will all you buttinskies run then? Mars the Red Planet?

Red Square
Nat’l Association for Advancement of Political Correctness, World Government, and the People’s Cube



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Comrade citizen DNC, you lousy pinkos are all the same. Useless idiots. I'm very happy to see you out there supporting and working for the DNC. The DNC is one of my favorite For Profit corporations. I probably shouldn't let you in on the secret but they consider the government to be their own private company and your hard earned tax dollars their profit. It's about as simple as that. Go ahead and support them stooge. In the end those gladhanding troglodytes of tepid totalitarianism will eat you alive and spit your bones out on the polished floors and manicured grounds your stupid life bought them. Or... are you trying to become one of them? Ha, ha, ha!!! At least with us Capitalists you know where you stand.

- from the desk of $.$. Halliburton



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Is there a learning session in the DNC that helps people become terrorists... I mean "freedom fighters"? It could come in real handy for training the proletariot to skillfully attack and eliminate any members of the bourgeoisie when the revolution comes!



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"Give us your money" and watch carefully when they are in power.