Image endorses Hillary Clinton for President II
Please note that the person who made this post has no affiliation with The People's Cube and is in all seriousness presenting his utopian vision of America and Mrs. Clinton while living in Europe, knowing that he won't have to bear the consequences of her reign. That's what we on the Left call international friendship and cooperation!

Red Eye


Hillary Clinton has reached out to us and we are happy to announce that we have the same values, we share the same vision and Hillary Clinton will help us to grow in America. We have signed an agrement which allows the DNC to use our database and resources. Together we have made a plan which is able to compete in this challenging times against the republican agenda. Hillary Clinton is the greatest politican I have ever seen and many peoples, especially the staff of this website is proud to work together with Hillary Clinton and the DNC to create a better America. We want to create a America, where Muslims and Christians together can make a new society, a multicultural society. In this society we will have a government which is not controlled by the rich. Instead it is controlled by the people of this country. Hillary Clinton is capable to create this society. But we need you. Please visit her website and register there. Furthermore we would be happy when you donate money to Hillary Clinton. Look at



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They made several other posts exactly like it.



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Excusing me, record is being stuck, record is being stuck, record is being stuck, record is being stuck......



User avatar endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Well of course we do, you dolt! Haven't you read the glowing endorsements of HillaryCare, Criminalization of certain thoughts, and the coming of the perfect collective society?



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Very Large Bear wrote:Excusing me, record is being stuck, record is being stuck, record is being stuck, record is being stuck......

Understandable, it happens to me all the time. Explain the reason for your stuck record and we will liberate it together.