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Cowards, Cowards I say! This is America, I know my rites. There is something called amendmint one you know.

I sick of these fascy fascist at The Peeholes Cube telling me what is and ain't funny. Where is the bestiality pix and viddys? There are lots of animal pix here but no horses sticking it 2 sluts. A polelar bear on a iceberg or a dog getting a BJ is basicklly the same thing. I c no difference, cept animal on human porn is so much more hilariass. And I ain't a perv, don't be calling me that I just no what funny is. Why the sensorship? U know who else doesn't have bestiality? The Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and every other fag liberal site on the planet. Is this who The Peeholes Cube and there PC police stand with? I ask u, WELL IS IT?

Grow some balls and join me in the Anything Goes movement. Whatevers it is that you find funny, kiddie porn, beaver shots, retards, rape, 2 girls 1 cup, gassin jews, beating up bums, beating up homos, beating up homo bums, you will have lots and lots of support. Togather we can bring down the humorless tyrants pullin the strings here at The Peeholes Cube. Are you with me? Can I get a Boorah!

Hey Hoes, Anything Goes!



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Comrade Rope, I assure you there are many, many other progressive venues for your lowbrow taste in Democrat-approved subversion and cultural decay. For instance, I am well aware that such websites such as Wonkette and Gawker trade heavily in the "Anything Goes Movement" and are more than happy to provide a progressive such as yourself with the kind of commentary and visual material that you so sadly crave. If the internet does not suit your fancy, well, there is always Bill Maher on HBO.

More importantly, however, is the issue of how your free time is being spent, Comrade. Does the Obama campaign know that you are wasting time posting here when you should really be doing precinct walks or making phone calls? I highly doubt it. You should be doing those precinct walks for Barry -- he needs all the help he can muster from good upstanding citizens such as yourself.

As Democrats, we are the Party of Family Values™ and will work tirelessly -- tirelessly! -- to ensure the above visual materials that you crave can be found and made available at any San Francisco, New York, or Boston public school once President Obama secures a second full term. Do not fret, Comrade -- togather we will pull down the tyrants pullin the strings! All we ask is that you keep working for Barry until next Tuesday rolls around... which will be next Tuesday, as promised.

Yours in "pullin" down the tyrants,

Chairman Meow S. Punchenko

P.S. -- You have earned the They're Taking My Rights Away And/Or Censoring Me Mime Badge of Heroic Outrage and Consternation. Congratulations!




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Comrade Rope-a-Dope/Meat Sock Puppet:

There is no reality in what you're complaining about: "Why the sensorship?"[sic]. No one sensored you, dear sir. This is simply a figment of your obviously wild imagination, and will remain such until further notice.


If' you're looking for such action as you have dictated, I would highly suggest you converse with Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, David Wu, Anthony Weiner, Janeane Garofalo, Rosie O'Donnell and Bill Klinton. I'm sure you will find your "fix" amongst any one of these.

You are free to say what you will here. But remember, you do so at your own risk. We reserve the right to interpret the "amendmit one"[sic] in the most reasonable way that you can possibly understand.





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Let's not forget Amendment 1 only applies to the American government. Here in Soviet Russia (no jokes dagnabit!), we have only 1 amendment, and it's called Josef Stalin's rules and regulations of a happy and prosperous Union.

If you're looking for that of which you speak, you won't find it here. The State has deemed such things wrong, as it may lead to thoughcrime. Surely you've read our reasons from Mr. Orwell's book.

Have fun being oppressed in America!



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Bring on the Purges!

What? Not yet? oh, sorry. :-(



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Image Actually, doesn't the first "amindmint" also cover free association? Your lucky you haven't been locked out of the website entirely, you trolly sock puppet.