Your pick for the GOP presidential candidate....

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I am curious who you guys would like to see run against Obama and why.




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Paradim... please tell all of your progressive friends about the Cube. We are in desperate need of new trollmeat progressives. Thank you, in advance. L'n'T



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Ah thank you LNT, you give a gift, why?

Why? Because character is not born in an empty suit, because character is not born in those protected from the struggle, because MLK did not say by the color of their skin even if they are "mixed', ahemmm.. excuse me, but in my hood that's oreo! Straightup. And excuse me, but gain blessed from ability and gain blessed from affirmative action are like gold and fools gold. Many will take the fool, but the gold will rule. One churned by the fine confines of the earth, the other a whisp for the foolish predator to cherish.

What makes you who you are, is more than gold, more than fools gold, but you become richer in spirit by the difference. And the difference is sincerity.

And as we say in the hood. Watch.



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I give because I can...and because I must. How can I give any less than Obama, who has given his all. I strive every day to emulate his greatness.