You may be guilty of thoughtcrime if ...

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...if you spill ketchup on your Che T-shirt.

...if you smoke cigars made in a country other than the people's paradise of Cuba.

...if you think that you're entitled to own private property.

...if you do not have a copy of my pathbreaking book on Antonio Gramsci.



Paul Krugman
...if you use the words "supply" and "demand" in the same sentence



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...if you haven't voluntarily donated your real property to local government officials on behalf of The Greater Good.



...if you're here for the hippy pussy.
...if you use your capitalist exploitation units for anything EXCEPT Party-approved dry goods.
...if you think the French are latent homosexuals.



User avatar think that invading Iraq actually helps the war on terrorism. "support the troops". think Hillary and Chucky are pigs. think Islamist Extremists are "evil". don't think Islam is "the religion of peace". think Islam is the "religion of piece".



...if you remove yourself from the path of a speeding bus, or a cat 5 hurricane, before the government does it for you.



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limpwidget wrote:...if you remove yourself from the path of a speeding bus, or a cat 5 hurricane, before the government does it for you.




. . . if you thought it was hypocritical for the hippy girl at the Phish concert to SELL cheese sandwiches.



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I'll try to pull some strings in the Kremlin and get you out early.



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...if you really believe that the WTC was brought down by bloodthirsty jihadists and not a conspiracy on the part of the government.



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Of course. Whoever is currently in the party. And that changes at my whim. Nothing like a purge of the faithful for a heart-starter on a cold morning.



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...if you think that the bright orb in the daytime sky has more to do with Global Warming than mankind.

...if you think that hurricane intensities and frequency are cyclical.

...if you know that at times in the past the Northwest Passage was navigable.

...if you know that Vikings settled in Iceland and Greenland during the Medieval Warm Period.

OK, I'm ready for Siberia now comrades - especially now that Global Warming has turned it into The Peoples Paradise.



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If you really, down deep inside, think that Algore is just a sad, old, washed-up hack politician.



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From an economic view, it is hard for me to understand the desperation of Mexicans to come here without considering the "kleptocrats" as you call them. Despite all the talk, we get most of our oil from Mexico and Canada, not Saudi Arabia. They have the work force, and they are also a nation that can attract tourism.



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Commissar Theocritus wrote:If you have ever seen Our Empress give a speech and thought, "Steinway," you may have committed a Thoughtcrime™.
Damn, I will report for re-education ASAP.



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There now Premier, try these new pre-medicated Hot Pockets.



whitemaleheteropig wrote:
Dzerzinski wrote:...if you are a middle class Christian white male.
Don't forget heterosexual
Nor should we omit the so-called "upper class," male and female alike. The Christian sector is particularly dangerous, for they give their ill-gotten gains (stolen from The People) to the church rather than the State (and our Dear Leader).



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If you think the One did not deserve the noble peace prize.

If you don't think denmark is rascist

if you don't intend to bycott the 2016 olypic games

if you question how a mellenia old multidemesional god of death and chaos who lives hundreds of leagues under the ocean off the cost of austraila got his tentacle/hands/claws on a computer and descent internet provider.

if you recognize any kind of contradiction in condemning one president for fighting in Iraq and praising another for fighting the exact same damn people in Afghanistan.

if you are yet to memorize this forum for future reference

if you think the deal leader may be a thought criminal.

if you think the winter this year is colder then global warming predicted.

if you think that fire melts steel.

if you believe that isreal is the solution to the middle east and not the problem.

if you remember that this is the 6th time that the west and middle east have gone at it.

if you doubt that international pressure can do things to Iran that it totally failed to do to North Korea.



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....if you can make liberals head's explode by using their own arguments against them

....if you point out there is no period after "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" (it is actually a comma...) "...,nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

....if you stuck close to a lib spouting some global warming, GW is the anti-Christ, big oil, pharm, etc...or any nonsense and you just start whispering things like... "Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh....etc"

.....if you have a conservative friend who says "Ghengis Khan would say to you, "Dude that was harsh"

....if you think a new gun is money better spent than a new IPad

....if you think Al Gore and Joe Biden are not the 2 most intelligent men



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you might be guilty fo thought crime if ,hell were all guilty komrades ,see you all at the train station