The Purpose of This Site

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I nearly wet myself with glee when observing Atlas Complied! Thank you, Comrade Red Square for this glorious manifesto.

Please let me have that Thought Criminal with the non-homogeneous Cube. I've got something for him...



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Why should we not have this, Comrade Red Square? There's a site, that allows you to offset your cheating! Members of the site can either purchase cheat credits, or register as a faithful couple who will remain monogamous while collecting CEUs from those who don't.

Edit: Just looked at the thread you linked. Of course, you already knew of cheatneutral. Silly me, doubting your omniscience. I denounce myself in shame...



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At long last, we have a Konstitution.



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Red Square wrote:So... should we call you Gray Rooster now?

You may call me what you want oh Great One, I am merely a prole and have come to accept the ultimate outcome of all things...

*lifts gun to head*

No! No! No! That would be selfish of me!
I aspire to sit in the Gulag, for I know the Crimes and Punishments that await me...

It was a dream I had before I floated across the ice in my bear skin poncho and Speedo, I am an Idiot, and my Brothers await me....

It would be a Crime to even speak of it.

Ignore this! These are just Notes From The Underground.... I am a prole and a Ridiculous Man.



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Gray Rooster wrote:
*lifts gun to head*

Mmmm very suspicious. Gun? Where did you get this gun? Is it licensed? Does the Party know about it? And most importantly it better be a communist design. You will have to shovel more beets in the Party Approved Afterlife(TM) if you liquidate yourself with a decadent western gun.



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Commissar Theocritus wrote:...Our Many Titted Empress was all hot to get sable underwear for her steatopygous ass but the Holy Gore intervened saying that it would make sables extinct.

I would have been amused to see that. Perhaps a new line at Victoria's Notquitesecretsinceeverythingisrightoutinfrontlikeabazooka-no-twobazookas (formerly known as Victoria's Secret)

the prototype for Our MTE

Image comes in greyishwhitish sable and a little bit more sable



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Guardian of Pravda wrote:
Gray Rooster wrote:
Commissar Theocritus wrote:Pravda, do not be disparaging about Gray Rooster. He has been one of the best customers of Jifi-Lobo.

This explains all.

Mmmmmmmmmm... JIFFI- LOBO.... deadly delicious.
You have to be out of your mind to want it. You are out of your mind when you get it. You don't mind after having it. A mind is a terrible thing...waste it.

Excellent! My sentiments exactly comrade. Minds are full of all kinds of decadent dreams. The fewer the better. This is how we win over the minds of The People.

Their hearts? Well, black will be the final color of hearts...

It's for The Children ™.



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My Apologies all, I Fear Gray Rooster, is one of my GoonsHighly trained troopers that somehow got off the reservation in a manor of speaking.

If I am correct, Gray Rooster is the one we call “Pugsly”. He scores high in the I.Q. Department with an inspiring 61
“5 points higher than the Obmessiah”,
“9 point higher than the US Congress”.
He seems to be building a resistance to the Psychotropic drugs, and seems to enjoy being zapped with a cattle prod, most likely we will need to send him to the Gulag. But he can be amusing, if you play Shirley Temple movies he jumps up and dances along and sings.

Commissar Red Star CEO Hemlock Hospitalityä INC
Director of Kicking Doors at Midnight
Keeper of the sacred Plasma Cutter
Herdsman of Rainbow Farting Unicorns
Keeper of the Faith



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Commissar Theocritus wrote: I intend to wart Jodin some. I think there's gold in dem dere whining. The Mime, vespertilio lunae Minnesotis, is a white-hot massively pissed off self-entitled dungheap. But Jodin Morey--now <i>there's</i> and industrial-strength whiner. We have not been paying enough attention to Master Jodin and I intend to remedy that.

Master Jodin is an upstanding citizen of the people! He has compiled all sorts of information for the people:

It is important for the collective to use such wondrous compilings to their advantage.

As the world turns, so shall the light of day.[/html]




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No can do, 7.62

Fairbanks, Araska is home to Sarah Parin, running dog rackey of Repubrican Party.
It in center of my crosshair, so to speak. As such, she is schedured for furr retariatory might Big Frash(tm) of Peopre's Juche(tm) as we become serf-reriant and not need nucrear assistance from our arries Russia and Peopre's Repubric of China.

One more thing. If that rackey bracky Obama try to send his Arreigh Burke crass navy warships over here to try to shoot down my country's nucrear-tipped barristic missires peacefur saterrite raunches, I promise you I wirr send a Big Frash(tm) to his "home state" of Hawaii in retariation. Warmongering Japanese imperiarists not the onry Asian's who know how to purr a Pearr Harbor. You know what I saying, round-eye?

Frankry, we not worried if USA Foreign Ministry send over this asskrown.
Image I mean, rearry, rook at this guy! He trying to Sneak A Cheek(tm) at own press conference! When wirr Amerikans rearize sending over poriticar righweights rike Maderine Arbright and this Empty Suit(tm) wirr get them outmaneuvered by the righteous might of the DPRK? Dammit, if they not send Hirrary Krinton, I wirr be rearry pissed off and send rong-range version of Big Frash(tm) to District of Corumbia.

By the way, the two femare USA "journarists" are enjoying their stay in the dungeons rest & relaxation center of the DPRK's secret porice torture chambers Bureau of Peace & Happiness. I hear the rine of brutal raping thugs Mentar Hygiene Porice waiting outside in the corridor is armost a brock rong.

We arso want you terr your rackeys and puppets in so-carred "South Korea" that no more pubric barbecues where they don't invite me as Guest Of Honour wirr be torerated. Rack of notification wirr be dealt with by Death Squads of submarine-derivered DPRK kommandos peacefur protestors.
Marching In Sociarist Soridarity,

Kim Jong Irrin'



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Commissar go easy on new proles, reality is so hard to ungrasp and re-grasp. Subjectively The Current Truth(TM) Dear Leader Theocritus. So Comrade John-the Red is right to watch as many Hollyword films as possible. We train all proles on what to think in the flickering cave.

Now John- the Red proglodyte thyself! We need many good soldiers with strong shovels for Colonels Glorious Red Guard!



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Theocritus, principles... PUSHAW! SPIT! I am a secprog, I appreciate the magic three psychosis of the radical left: PROJECTION, SARDONICISM, OPPORTUNISM.

Psych 101 in every university, needs to now profess these traits as The New Virtues(TM), anything else is just wingnut hogwash!