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Terlizzi, you are an individualistic neo-Nazi because you ignore Coca Cola's terrorist murders of children in Columbia!

....Well, at least I dont drink Pepsi!



Dr. Evil
It's a penile infection brought about through unprotected sex with the yeast-infected Cindy Sheehan...better call bohemianlikeyou.



Marx's buddy bagel
...Oh and Gulags for all!



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guest wrote:Is this supposed to be funny?
It's pretty stupid.
Dear Comrade Guest. You hit the nail on the head, this is not funny at all.
We are Dead serious here.
You have keen observation skills which Party can put to good use.
We even willing overlook your slip up calling Party "stupid".
Please submitt your credentials to me, and I'll try to get you pardoned.
Inside every Average Amirikkkan Mind there is a Comrade trying to get out. Just get on with Party program.

I'm sure the Politburo will concurr and issue the decree to welcome Comrade Guest into the Candidate for Party membership.

Lovingly Yours,
Iron Felix

P.S. We are Equal Opportunity Party. Even if some are more equal that others.



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Chairman M. S. Punchenko wrote:Of course we do! And I blend in JUST FINE! One ounce of the finest Caviar is on the way! ENJOY!
Do not send it. I'll come pick it up.
SMERSH HEAD of KGB. sec.9.




Lady Chadwick wrote:You are a nativistic talk radio devotee because you're a heterosexual male who prefers women with shaved legs and armpits!

I must admit to be in this camp also. I do prefer my women to have armpits.



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You are a polluting child murderer because you actually believe that the businessperson and the manufacturer are more important than the writer and the artist!