Image Frequent computer crashes happen because people press the W key too much. That key had been removed from all White House keyboards on my orders! Every time you press a W key, Bush knows what you're thinking... Also don't listen to static in your phone - you never know who may be playing with your brain. Some folks did that and wound up voting for W.

- Al Gore, People's Inventor

Unprecedented PROOF that Global Warming does exist

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Yes, it is, Comrade Olga, we can't have enough evil white men are bad, primitive natives are good movies. We must vilify the white man until he no longer exists, and I hope, at least, during Dear Leader's reign, that not a single white man will be allowed at the lunch counter. It's a glorious goal.

Comrade Chernobyl,

Smurfmorph is a term that was created here at the People's Cube as a result of a post made by Comrade Chernobyl entitled "Unprecedented PROOF that Global Warming Exists."