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How about a suitably adoring flag PLUS a stirring, National Anthem to Obama. But it's sung, unfortunately, by a comrade whose singing talents were long ago redistributed downward such that he is no longer envied by the Great Singers of Collectivism such as Barbara Streissand (ObaMemories), Neil Young (Teet Your Children), etc.

However, since Vimeo somtimes is notoriously slow in loading (and there is no YouTube version), Red Square will be more pleased if I merely provide the link rather than embedding it:




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Che' Ramie wrote:Tovarichi Ambassador!
MiniTruth Re-History Directorate has ruled and announced that in this case, Great Leader's wise decision to implement a "One Winner" in this contest does not negate "kapitalist overtones of a single winner. We all well know that Great Leader's wisdom in political matters is sacrosanct, so while I commend you on "proper" Marxist-Leninist-Cubist thought processes, in this case only, I caution you to adhere to the 1st Principle we all have learned and loved that "Great Leader is NEVER wrong about anything he wants to [highlight=#FFFF00]amend[/highlight] because soon we all will forget the original"!

Amend what?



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My payoff contribution to the children is in the mail

I see our little chat has now paid off quite handsomely Comrade in my selflessness and purely altruistic sweet and innocent motives to mentor one of the masses. You will do quite well from now on. Always remember as progs we are just like the Government, we are just always here to help to make things so much better for all and always scheming about ways to rifle through your wallet or purse to wring out even more taxes out of you.