SHOW TRIAL!!!!!!!! For The Up To No Gouda Three

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COMRADES!!!!!! A SHOW TRIAL has been ordered to try the "Up to No Gouda Three" with crimes committed against the state that demand that People's Justice be Served!

The link has all the cheesy details as to how we have come to this point.

The Inner Party has decided that in order to boost ratings with a little eyecandy that our own Beloved Colonel Fraulein Pulloskies will be presiding as Judge. The Party has also deemed fit to task me as Lead Prosecutor and Comrade Whoopie as Chief Defense Evidence Examiner to ensure the bribes they offer are not cheap knock-offs the validity of all defense evidence submitted. The Party has also assigned Defense Counsel to these three, Comrade Reiuxcat as lead and Comrade Chedoh as co-counsel to ensure the Defendants will have expert legal counsel and advice during the trial, after all we are all Progressives and wish to make things fair and 'for the children'. The three are charged with Govt Cheese Hoarding, Mice abuse, Tearing "Do not Remove Labels" from pillows, Opening a Cheese Stand for Profit, and in the case of Groucho and Scratchy, Bad Beard Grooming.

Do the Defendants wish to address the court before we proceed?



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Hoarding cheese!? Abusing the mice they probably stole it from and then profiting from said stolen cheese!!? Them's hangin' offenses!

As for the pillow thing, I've always had a beef with those pesky pillow tags myself... I'd never rip one off though... after all, it clearly say's not to...

I must sip of the beet vodka Comrade Rooster smuggled to my house via UPS and ponder these crimes...



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I Denounce All Three Of These Criminals Against Peace And Justice!

(And If (If - Well, of course I mean When) these bourgeois rats mice are found guilty, is it not within the power of the Peoples Court to order that I My Office take possession of their Home Theater systems televisions video propaganda information devices for the Good Of My Peoples Living Collective?)



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I too am wondering where the defense attorneys (Reiuxcat and Chedoh) are. As bailiff I'm standing by to examine any bribes and other exculpatory evidence they may have to offer. Frankly I'm getting a bit peckish and was hoping to sample some of these cheeses for freshness.



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Thank you for cleaning up "criminal against the state".

I hear it's most painful when the hemp rope gets caught in one's beard.



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It's good to know that in our glorious system that justice is still either blind or soon will be.



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iwould habe somethinh toadd but i"M laughing too harf.

(drinkimg too mych too)



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All this evidence is most intriguing and convincing but the Defense Attorney, such as he is, has done a banging up job of providing his guilty clients with the best defense available in the Cube. Why, I have never seen such bribery unmitigated gall and back-door, sneaky tactics used in all my days. I am very impressed.

And in due consideration of my esteemed time and the colossal, overabundance of evidence provided, I must find these 3 not guilty. There is nothing as 'not guilty' as comrades willing to risk all to further progress, lack of values. These are the sorts of crook, ne'er do wells and Progressive scandals that we need in the Cube.

not guilty.jpg



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Groucho Marxist wrote:
Vladimir_Scratchanitch wrote:Should things go badly for Scratchanitch in these proceedings, I am prepared to expose ALL to the world.
Weren't you were arrested for that once before?

Seems like I am always being arrested for one silly thing or another.

Sneaky old bastards like us do seem to attract enemies and friends who want to climb the ladder of success by crawling up our backs.

Once again, old age and treachery beats youth and ambition.



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Kook, the advantage of wearing a straitjacket daily is that no Beet quota can be assigned to you.

I was aware from the outset that these were Trumped up charges by people wanting to get free publicity and notoriety. Trying to enhance their own credibility on the backs of the workers.

In closing I would make to universal suggestions:
1. be prepared for anything.
2. never tell anybody everything you know.

My thanks to the Fraulein for resolving this “tempest in a teapot".



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Clearly, you are seeing more clearly Comrade Tooo. You are making much progressive in the Progressive way of non-think. Congratulatory's.