People's Cube Dizzy With Success, Tops 5 Year Plan

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those people whom we help who might not have been able to wait quite lone enough for our aid.

Just more demokrat voters for us to help at the polls.



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Do not let your toes curl in the fashion of the toes of the proles who drink the gin which we have so generously given them which has, in a laudable attempt to economy--it's for the Children™, you know--been filtered through automobile radiators which are made of lead.

I have found it necessary to curtail those rations for the brain damage caused by the lead, if carried too far, means that we have to get more proles. But a little bit cuts down on their fractiousness, so it's a high-wire act.

Suggestions, please, to Get the Lead In. Deadline September 1, 2007.



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Be of good cheer. They have the largest currency reserves in the world and will use it to build ever bigger concentration camps. What more can a good Party Member want?



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After all, they care for nothing but power, lie to suit themselves, oppress people, cynically use anything that they can, care nothing for rights. I'm getting hard just thinking about it. What more can a good Party Member want? Once night Our MTE, in her cups, confessed to me that she wanted surgery to make her eyes Oriental instead of the current rage in China of doing it the other way round.



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It always brings tears of joy to my progressive eyes to see the young ones eager to see the vision of the world we are providing for them!



I'm afraid that in the great rush to appear "friendly" to "business", we have mistakenly mislabelled The People's Flying Peace Corps as a "Corp", or "corporation". If such non-socialistic gaffes continue, you had better keep your shovels well oiled, lest you become a member of the People's Non-Flying Peace CORPSE, if you catch my drift...

There's always more room in the Hotel Lubyanka...

...And regarding our glorious People's Aircraft, it matters not if it's Ilyushin or Tupolev, it's all Anatov to me...

(Yak Yak Yak!)

Arkady out.



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arkady_renkovich wrote:My dearest commissar,

I do indeed have my own well-used blunt shovel, (it was a gift from the Commissariat for State Security several years back, when I once showed ambition), and I can drive myself to the railroad station in my humble Moskvitch. I know the KGB has better cars, but they don't always take you where you want to go. (I love it when I quote myself!) 50 barrels of people's dirt shall be forthcoming.

Wait, my avatar appears to be gone... ...where did this Zil come from???... ...nooooo!!!!..... >poof!<


That is the proper attitude and it shall certainly help you out. Now that your mind has been cleansed by the power of the shovel, I have granted you an extra day of beet rations.