Obama’s Socialist Halloween

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I have to prepare my daughter for the inevitable. Despite the entitlements afforded her as Daughter of Union Boss, eventually everyone gives everything to a true progressive State. Should she fall out of favor, she must be willing to accept and rejoice in giving up possesions, home, self protection, individuality and achievement in order to facilitate progression of the Party.



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Uh, Union Boss, hear and believe. As long as you suck up enough here you have no worries.

Bad times? Snap your fingers. Little people pay taxes. Thank you, Leona.



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Of course we should take it all. That's what being a party member is all about. As Khruschev said, "When you skin someone you have to leave enough to grow back." First start off slowly, like with income tax nearly 100 years ago. Then add in other little taxes, always for a reason. "For the children." "For fairness." "For the environment."

As we all know, we don't give a shit about any of this and we really don't give a shit about the money. But we do want to have the money for the dollar is a fungible unit of power. Wealthy people can do what they want and will not as willingly go into the Progressive World of Next Tuesday, unless they're in on the con or they are so fat and happy that they're glad to let someone else do their feelings for them.

So by all means. Tell people how it's bad that they have to make their own decision and spend their own money. Tell them how they're being noble and self-sacrificing.

And in the kindest of all possible words tell them that this is how they submit and escape that horrible responsibility of actually existing.