NSA agents 'feel violated' after hackers access their emails

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The U.S. Cyber Command and Director of the National Security Agency, Admiral Michael Rogers, released a statement this morning informing the public of a massive security breach after a group of hackers broke into the NSA's secure network and read through a sizeable amount of personal emails, retrieved web browser history, and even recorded Skype conversations.

"Earlier today, while we were performing routine monitoring of far right-wing internet activity, we discovered a security hemorrhage of personal information of NSA agents that was put on display in multiple online forums and social media across the internet," the statement said. "It appears that a group of hackers have gained entry to our secure network, stealing sensitive information. Needless to say, many of our staff members were deeply troubled and horrified when they learned that their personal conversations, emails, and other information about their daily lives was being read by complete strangers on the Internet. This group claims to be watch dogs and whistle blowers, but make no mistake, they only wish to undermine national security."

The leak was discovered when the NSA employees' personal emails ended up going viral on social networks like Facebook and Reddit, revealing damning personal details about a number of NSA agents. The NSA statement included a complaint from the victims who "felt violated when they learned that someone they didn't know was going through their information without their consent or knowledge."

"A lot of the guys say that they are going to need to see a therapist after this, they're that upset about the invasion of their privacy," a long-time NSA agent, George Smith, told reporters. "We didn't get any work done for three days after we found out. Everyone kept tracking their leaked emails posted on social media, so they could have them deleted. Some of my colleagues' wives filed for divorce after they read their husband's email exchanges with their girlfriends. None of us knows if we'll ever feel safe using the Internet again."

Some of the leaked emails contained attachments with images of women who had their picture taken through their webcam without their knowledge. It appears that prior to the leak the images had been passed around the office, with NSA agents rating them between 1 and 10. Other leaked messages contained derogatory descriptions and jokes about countless other individuals monitored by the NSA.

(One of the leaked images from the NSA database)
The U.S. Cyber Command has asked the public to be on alert for the posting of leaked NSA emails and to report any such instances directly to their office via email. The statement contained a request to respect the privacy of NSA agents and to avoid reading any of the leaked information during this unprecedented national security crisis.




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