Liberate Wall Street: Infiltrate and Humiliate!

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This just in, sent from Occupy St. Petersburg in Florida.

We have our first covert operative, with a hand-made sign designed to illustrate the imbecility of the Occupussies. Or is it? Sometimes it's hard to tell.




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Perhaps when we arrive at our " Glorious World of Next Tuesday ", the Collective
could appoint him as the village greeter. That would surely polish our image as a Progressive community.
I can just see him now, standing on the curb with his sign, and wildly waving his arms,
yelling " Howdy, Comrade " at the top of his lungs.........





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Uhh... Who did we leave in charge of the Eastern Front?




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Greetings Comrades,I report that I have successfully infiltrated the OWS forces stationed in Allentown PA. I have found their strategy to be a pitifully ineffective sham. They only attack the so-called 1%, leaving the majority of capitalists free to gouge the rest of us.Here I have outlined their weakness... they need to address these issues if they are to be worthy of any consideration.[video][/video]