International outrage as Trump enrolls ISIS into Obamacare

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Zhere you haff zhe disaster :


Donald Trump sets the axe
to the existing order in
America and in the world.
How far will he come?

Frankfurter Allgemeine ‒ you likely know : German top daily, nation- & worldwide circulation, serious, once upon a time reliably center-right, in recent 2 decades squinting leftish ; and of course ‒ losing subscribers, baits now via sensationalism.

Germany post-November-8th : The tone in the "published opinion" (press/TV) is outright hysterical, the factual basis skewed, and usually one-sided, verging on the grotesque.

Plus this shocker (particularly uttered by the clowns, uh, I mean leaders of our Ruling Caste) :
c'mon, the campaign is over... and whad, he is actually doing what he campaigned on??!!!



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TIME Mag uses Comrade Putout's picture on this week's cover! We're going places!




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If that rodent finds out a new comrade has been abusing the pixel limit, he's going to have someone's nuts!

(get it? see what I did there? Craptek is a squirrel, and squirrels eat.... ahh, I crack myself up!)