Infinite Wisdom in Government

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Buzz Geithner: "To Infinity and Beyond!"




The constructive aspect of this is that the People's Government is overcoming this ugly sticky nasty constraint environment of checks and balances.

Filibuster's a drag? Change the rules.
Debt limits giving too much air time to the reactionary elements that focus on distracting topics like fiscal prudence and that ridiculous thing called the future?, get rid of it.
Czarist end run around time consuming Senate affirmations of Cabinet positions even when under the People's control.
Recess appointments....check.
And the Progressive Political Lab social scientist have developed a new contraption that escapes congressional funding and oversight....the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau feeds at the money teet of the Fed rather than's that whiner loser George Will dissenting about it an article entitled "Answerable to No One"

After all comrades the reactionary's control of the House will take some time and effort to liquidate. The counter revolutionaries have total executive and legislative control of states at a ratio of 2:1 to progressive controlled state goobermits. We'll have to fix that Gerrymandering thing in the courts somehow.....naturally defending Gerrymandering for progressive reasons as opposed to gutter partisanship.

FDR trying to pack the SCOTUS was child's play compared to the poly sci technology now developed and available to overcome 'obstructionism' (e.g. saboteurs keeping us from meeting legislative and code production quotas).



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Red Square wrote:Buzz Geithner: "To Infinity and Beyond!"

This is the best political statement i have ever seen[img]/red/images/clipart/awards/Medal_MostPC_Site.gif[/img]