I Denounce Elton John!

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Comrade Buffoon - more enhancement.

Chedoh looks stunning in Pinkie's hovel... he is at an interesting location (height) for what activity one might wonder?


(I'm sorry Pinkie but these 'activities' must be documented!)



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Obamugabe, your Beet of the Week award is truly deserved! But be wary comrade... one week you're Beet of the Week, the next you're crouched in the corner nursing a head wound.


Comrade Putout, In 1956 Khrushchev turned his back on the people to save his own skin by declaring approval of Stalin's glorious party purges to retain (temporarily) his standing in the party. NOTE: May be factually incorrect, I don't remember.

I fear I must follow his lead and formally denounce you for committing the exact same crime I commited and state: "through this ideological struggle, some must fall on the sword... so long as its not me"


Commisarka Pinkie... you need your car washed?



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Awww Pinkie, come on out. If you want money I just came into a boodle. When that old geezer Rasputin had his back turned I snatched one his "precious" artsy-fartsy eggs and replaced it with a cheap Hong Kong knock-off. He'll never know the difference (tee hee).

If he does notice I'll just blame it on Buffoon, he's notorious for commandeering the wealth of others.

I sold it on ebay and got a whopping $50 for it. It's all yours if you just come out. I'll even buy you a box of Godiva chocolates. Whaddya say?

(While you think about it, I guess I better read the other comments in this thread)