Fifty Shades of Government: a fact-based romantic comedy

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The government only hurts me because it loves me and wants to protect me from the Rethuglikkkan war on women!



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RedDiaperette wrote:
Kapitan Kangaroo Kourt wrote:Sign me up! [highlight=#ffff00]I lost control of my life[/highlight] years ago. Beet vodka tends to have that effect on me. Finally, someone is fighting in my corner and I can now be a spectator! Hoorah!!!

The "safety net" has indeed become the [highlight=#ffff00]adult diaper[/highlight].
Self-Reliance is a thing of the past. It's an antiquated notion that should have died with Kapitalism. Let it go. Besides, The Kollektive™ cannot really trust you with such matters. You have much more important things to do for the People™. Let the Regime control your bladder while you enjoy a care-free existence, performing your services to the state unencumbered by such trivialities. Just think of all the time you will save by rendering toilets obsolete. As a bonus, you will no longer waste the People's water supply on selfish vanity. It's not only better for you, but also for the environment. It's for The Children™. It's the future, Get Covered™... OR ELSE!



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Comrades, comrades!. Why all this bitterness?

Have you all forgotten that "company" is merely a euphemism for government controlled, regulated and taxed entity and tool of propaganda education for the masses. Through companies and corporations, we teach The People™ to be compliant Citizens™, whilst educating them to accept rates of taxation we could not otherwise convince them is beneficial for the Greater Good™.

Until the World of Next Tuesday arrives, The Party will continue to extort encourage large campaign donations, from "companies", to ensure continuity of economic prosperity for those who are friendly to Party™ policies. In return, all competition is regulated into compliance or out of existence and, when Next Tuesday™ arrives, we will follow the model of General Motors. Companies will build the products The Party™ approves.

"Companies" are a necessary vehicle of Hope and Change.

Remember, it doesn't matter what The Current Truth™ is. It matters how The Current Truth™ is packaged.