Dizzying Success of ObamaCare Inspires Private Sector

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Excellent reportage, Comrade Blogunov! I can't wait to test drive the new Pinto II.

Rumor has it that our friends at MySpace are about to roll out a new social media site called "PrySpace." Subscribers to PrySpace, touted as our newest thoughtcrime monitors, will be able to alert The Party, instantly, when they find that their neighbors, friends, and family members are engaging in counter-Revolutionary activities.



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Dr. W. S. Palimpsest wrote:Ahhh, yes Comrade Blogunov. "Snitcher" is what The People are dying for and it's about time that the bourgeois anachronism called "Twitter" was upgraded (i.e., purged).

I am, however, somewhat concerned about the launch date. Nov. 1 is less than a week away. Have our top cyber-scientists installed the proper firewalls to make it impervious to fascist hackers? We must spare no expense (read: other people's money) to prevent the saboteurs, who closed down the ObamaCare website, to attack "Snitcher."

Comrade Dr.,

It occurs to me that hacking Dear Leader's personal gift to The People™ could result in mass destruction of The People's™ property due to rioting in the streets. Worse still, many are going to die from want of medical attention! I wonder if hacking will be charged as a capital crime?