A Glimpse Into the Future... Obama's LAST Day in Office

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I refuse to listen to these blasphemous lies. Obama is immortal, he shall reign forever and EVAH!



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Betinov wrote:8:17 p.m.: Presidential flatus captured in insulated container for later delivery--warm and fresh--to Chris Matthews as a final thank you for years of loyal service.
I have just watched "Smug," an episode of <i>South Park</i>. It caused physical distress in the abdominal muscles. All the denizens of South Park get a Toyota Pious, and the Marshes, prolier than thou, move to San Francisco, where they go to parties and fart into wine glasses and smell their farts.

But I wonder. Would Harry Reid think that Obowma had light-skinned farts? What about the bouquet? Is there a dialect?[/html]



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I have it on very good authority that our divine El Presidente will not leave office, ever, but will take numerous vacations (on the taxpayer's dollar, of course) to further plot the destruction...err I mean direct our utopian vision of a much kinder, equal world to completion by 2012, thereby making it unnecessary to have stupid elections. I contemplate the destruction of the universe will happen after that, but fear not....his Holiness will raise us (the Party faithful) to the glorious World of Next Tuesday, and permanent power,,,, will finally be ours!