When a Conservative woman sleeps with an Obama supporter....

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Does that bother anyone? Would you still respect her?



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This is a serious question?

Conservative women, as a rule, are not libertines. No self respecting adult gives in to momentary animal instincts to the detriment of their better, human, nature. Rising above brute animal instincts by refraining from sleeping with Obama supporters, keeping sexual relations in their proper sphere and in context with ones entire life rather than lowering it to the level of mindless animal rutting such as that of Obama supporters, is one the things that makes a human-being a human-being. Especially so if the Obama supporter is Wiener. If a conservative woman were to sleep with Wiener, even if they were both fully clothed, I think she should be forced to wear a scarlet "S" for the rest of her life. "S" standing for stupid.



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Pssh, this person must be a mouth-breathing Palin lover who flunked Biology. Don't you know Obama supporters lack male genitals? The only one of us who has male parts is Hillary and she wouldn't dare sleep with an Obama supporter unless it was a means of gaining absolute power. Now if you'll excuse me I have thousands of Sarah Palin E-Mails to read through for the Washington Post.




I would only respect the Obama Supporter as he was able to "score" a conservative woman showing her his pleasures were for the collective good.