Join the DLC!

Join the DLC!
The DLC is the founding organization of the New Democrat movement. Its mission is to modernize the progressive tradition in American politics by working with a national network of elected officials and community leaders to advance innovative public policy proposals on both domestic and international issues.

By joining the DLC, you are playing an important role in supporting the New Democrat movement -- and in the process you will be plugged into the policy debates shaping the vital center of American politics.

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This post comes from Nuernberg, Germany

person: DTAG Global IP-Addressing
address: Deutsche Telekom AG
address: D-90492 Nuernberg
address: Germany
phone: +49 180 5334332
fax-no: +49 180 5334252



There is no such thing as the DLC.  Only one party exists, and that is the People's Party.  Obviously there needs to be some re-education needed among the so-called "DLC" members.  I have some free tickets to the Institute for Re-education, if you would like some.

Some advice to save you that trip...go to the Re-Education section of our web page and learn about the People's Party and join the People's Party.  Otherwise you will be sent to the Gulag!

Re-educating each person one at a time,
Vladimir Ivanov
Red Journalism Headquarters, Moscow, USSR




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Premier Betty wrote:Who keeps posting these things???
Random trolls I guess, you know, the people who really want to shut us down.