Eric The Red Won't Read: Obama Regresses to Cold War Myth

No way I will read all that. I love this site, but I have never understood how it is that it takes 900 pages to put a bill into law: now I know. WTF

It looks plain to me, a simple would be rocket scientist (were I not a white male, who spent my life paying child support and not doing/selling drugs, or living on the government tit, to get out of my responsibilities), that the words of mass content contain words for the masses to not read, or understand (just as every bill passed into law).

Brilliant incite, I'm sure, but make it readable, if you please. Or at least break it up into the SIX posts!




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The Digest version:

1. Communism sucks.
2. Obama is trying to impose a form of communism in America.
3. Obama sucks.



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The digest version for the brain dead?

Yes, Comrade Red Blooded, it's soooooooo long, isn't it? Sooooooo painful, to read, to sit still while you read it.

Comrade the Red Blooded must be one of Jiffi-Lobo's best customers.



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Eric, who's standing over you threatening to whack you with a shovel if you don't read all six parts in one sitting with your eyes forced open like Alex DeLarge?


Oh, that's right. Me.


How's that for "brilliant incite", Comrade? Hey! You really do have red blood!

Clearly you prefer stuff you don't have to think about. Why, you're just like Kenny Bania. You probably think "puke" is a funny word and life's greatest mystery is why they call it Ovaltine when the jar is round and so is the mug. And I'll bet you fell for all that Hope and Change and Yes We Can stuff as hard as you did when I whacked you just now.

That's pathetic, Eric. Pathetic!

Now, do you have anything of substance to contribute to this discussion?

Anything, Eric?

Anything at all?

I'm afraid a groan of agony and half a jawbone are not substantial contributions.



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Pinkie, you shed more blood with that shovel, then the entire Red Guard Death Squad and Healthcare Brigade. Care to come and give whacking lessons?



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[html]Here is another shortened version of the above argument - this one for those who aren't really into that whole reading thing at all and prefer the visual arts:

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Many Peoples's Kommendations for the remarkably well-written essays. It is made even more remarkable in that you did not write in the glorious lyrical tongue of the Motherland immortalized by Chekhov, Pushkin and, of course, Gorky. Rather you wrote brilliantly in the language of the Amerikan capitalist apes......and so much better than most of the apes themselves whose average attention span lasts about as long as a segment of So You Think You Can Dance.

Here is another Doctor Zero who knows how to express cogent and well-organized thoughts.



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AbecedariusRex wrote:The Digest version:

1. Communism sucks.
2. Obama is trying to impose a form of communism in America.
3. Obama sucks.

Now that, comrades, is "incite" that truly is brilliant.

Eric, please take note. For an alleged fledgling "rocket scientist"--aero? chem? mech? electrical?--if your math is as good as your spelling, you should reconsider your major. If you expect to work designing rockets, propellants, flight systems, etc. (it's a small market, mind you, which means serious competition), you'll need to be able to write publications and grant proposals to reach your goal. "Incite" doesn't cut it, unless you're seeking money from ACORN or Code Pink.

Like Clinton, I do feel your pain at having been failed by public schools.



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Pinkie, you shed more blood with that shovel, then the entire Red Guard Death Squad and Healthcare Brigade. Care to come and give whacking lessons?

As much as I stand in awe of Pinkie's whacking capacity, I must wave my own banner here a moment and report that I too am an expert in whacking and am entirely self-taught.



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By the by, Red, I ran your essay past the two political scientists in my department, and they both gave it high marks and good reviews--in short, they declared you to be quite equal. I of course had them scheduled for immediate internal exile to Minnesota (heads up, Elliot).



Long time reader, second time poster.
Thank you all for reminding me the danger of making light humor of the very real threat to freedom that is the politics of a peoples state, as opposed to a state of the people.
I have been attacked before many times for many reasons, but none so looked as similar to what I have seen from the most fervent radical fascist sites, that I no longer visit, as the "whack" I was rewarded with on this thread the other day.
You need to check your priorities.
Somewhere there is a plug that has become disconnected and in your zest to mock your discomfort for the lifestyle of true fascist marxism, you have taken this as a testament to how you really feel.
I am appalled at your behavior. Sarcasm is not an attack against similar thinking people, nor does it ever step on the opinions of people when you don't understand their motivations, even though they were explained to you.
I'll take the truth speaking about freedom being better than sarcastic snarking about the slavery, incarceration, and murder of a people with every breath I take, and will defend it until my final breath is taken away from me by whatever force is greater than my will to survive.
And if that is reason for a "whack" then bring it on! I am the MOB and we cannot be removed from the face of the earth no matter your efforts.



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When you fail to live according to the rules of the gulag, you will be whacked by Pinkie's shovel.

{Prog Off}
I suggest that you take yourself back in time to live in the Ukraine pre-1990, and see if the only thing that gets you through the horror of being enslaved by a Marxist regime is your sense of humor and irony. The creator of this site lived that horror, and, as you have never known what it feels like to really be enslaved in a Marxist state, neither will you ever know the healing effect of comedy for those who lived the horror.

Oh, and by the way, we know of your sympathies to the Marxist ideology. It is quite evident in the thread below:<br>[/html]



Leninka, thank you for the reminder that I had posted another message before the one in this thread, and gotten 'whacked' for, oh, and by the way thank you for whacking me again in that thread, as well as this one. Indeed, I have lived my life in the leisurely fashion of a capitalistic pig from the day I was born, until I was forced by the state to pay child support for for 26 years to children I little knew, had never planed for, and didn't often see, while their mother was allowed to shack-up, marry, or generally do anything she wanted to, while not having to claim income on what I payed her, and I couldn't claim expenses on what I paid to her. Had I been a minority, I could have denied everything (1982), done community work for a congressperson, and gotten a scholorship to Columbia, and Harvard. Hell I might even be president today! But, alas I am a lowly engineering technician. Had I lived in the horror of a marxist state, I may have been promoted by my ability to perform and learn the duty, and not prosecuted because of the color of my white skin. Am I bitter? YES Is it justified? Possibly not. Am I done making an effort to succeed? It depends entirely on whether I really care where this country is going, or if I will just become John Galt. The verdict is not in yet. One thing I will say for sure is that I will take a copy of the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Declaration of Independence with me wherever I go, among some other writings. Life may not be friendly to anyone in the near future, I plan to survive as long as I am capable, and try and inflict freedom on everyone I meet along the way.



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Comrade Eric,

This is the Gulagotroll, Welcome... state your peace here and maybe you'll get your beat rations back after another Pinkie WHACK!



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[html]Here's some light educational material in an easy to read e-text form in order to prepare anyone who can't yet tackle Red Square's insightful incisions.
Federalist Papers (in toto)
Democracy in America
Speeches of Abraham Lincoln
U.S. Founding Documents<br>Second Treatise of Civil Government

I don't think there are movie versions but maybe.[/html]