Eric The Red Calling Commodore Snoogie

1. Burning a symbol of the opposition is not an act of violence, it is protest.
2. If it had been me who caught the person who had taken down the American flag at the VFW, I would not have duct taped him to the pole with a sign around his neck. The body would never have been found.
3. You still didn't read what I wrote, just want you think my words say.
4. Liberty pole, look it up.

Hell I had 10 more points but why am I even attempting to talk to you?

Yes, I am a right wing extremist, and I will stand in support of anti-abortion, anti-gun laws, anti-gay marriage, anti-big government, anti-socialism/communism/marxism, while I tell anyone who asks me that until now there has never been a worse president than the mulatto mendacity who is now in office, which I believe he usurped illegally.



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Could care less about Obama's skin color myself. I don't like the guy because of his left wing politics. It seems to some sort of factor for you though. A most disturbing revelation on your part and one that is quite un-welcomed at that.

Fringe extremists left or right really have no place here on the Cube at all.