A Trotsky Plays Stalin - Want's People's Cube To Disappear..

This is bull, capitalist pigs!!!



Uncle Sam Rayburn
Comrades, why the supression of the other point of view.

It's not suppression, it's editing. Your posts have been too long, nonsensical, and boring. Please find another progressive site to post on, like Democratic Underground or Daily Kos. But I'm afraid that even they may edit you out.

-- Red Square



Uncle Sam Rayburn
[html]Talk about boring! You and your conservative cronies are like drones. I guess I should take is as a compliment when the ultimate in tedium says that I rank on a par with them. Your ignorance is overwhelming though. Its not suppression!!! You've got to be kidding. Its darn near censorship. Your little trite website that mocks liberals is all well and good if those that post on it agree with your narrow views. But let someone come on and present a different point of view and all of a sudden it is editing. Do you really believe you are truly editing. I see tons of drivel on this site and to my dismay not one editing attempt in sight. It is all right to be a little slow intellectually but try not to flaunt it. Hey, I've got an idea, why don't you discontinue the meaningless website and then you won't have to deal with my drivel and I certainly won't have to see another weak attempt by the extremely weak right try to push their totally inept agenda. Now don't be mad and run home to your mommy and say someone is saying nasty things about you. Be a good little conservative and stay and play.

Actually we do tolerate the less equal here at The Peoples Cube, we in fact have an entire section devoted to those who are unfortunately misinformed right HERE.I'm sure you will find many (only 1 or 2) like-minded people there.

-Kommissar Betty

U.S. Rayburn,
<br>This thread is about the actual People's Cube - so unless you have anything to say about the progressive puzzle, your posts qualify as trolling. If you wish to debate, go to the People's Blog >>