USA Pinups + USSR Posters = Glorious Visual Agitation

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I WANT TO KNOW WHERE IS THE EYE CANDY FOR THE LADIES?? What about "equality" and "fairness"?!



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Thank you for watching over my caviar in my absence, Comrade Colonel. As Commissar of Time™, you certainly would understand the curious time-space continuum we cats frequently move into and out of. Your generosity in offering the safe return of said caviar is most gratifying, and I gladly offer any fresh seafood offering - from a non-gulf location, of course - for your dining enjoyment.



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Commissar Theocritus wrote:General. Good to see you back. And I'm very glad to see you and 7.62 conspiring, er, talking about the cathouses of Kunming. But I am worried, though--you talked as though it was for your own pleasure, and not for the further enlightenment and delectation of the people at large. By this I mean just how much money have you been able to extract for The People from the cathouses of the Kunming linguists?
Many thanks, my good Commissar! My fact-finding mission was long and exhausting, but I assure you solely for The Common Good™ . Regarding the funding procured from the many contributors who were responsive to my staff's strong encouragements, let me say I won't be needing any government stimulus checks for a while! What did I miss while I was gone? And where is that irritating hard-working hero of the people, Pupovich???