The Lumpenwagon: People's Housing and Locomotion Unit

Woohoo! Where do I sign up for the jet-powered Lumpenwagon?



Comrade Rajesh
Dear Red Square,

Can you explain how these Lumpenwagons becomes proletarian-friendly equipment.... I think these are just eco-friendly.... I don't think to become an capitalist we have to reject thier products also....



I would not use good would be crappy Voka, no self respecting Commie would use good vodka for something like that....we will all drink good vodka to celebrate if it runs!!! Hail the CubE!



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For some reason, I now want one of those... despite the fact that I do not have a lawn....



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Hmmm. I can see you are a man of unique appreciation for advanced lawn care weaponry, so of course, provided this is a cash transaction, the prole will be thrown in at no extra cost.



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[html]Most impressive!

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Oh, and it is in the classic orange and black! I once had a leather jacket that I somehow managed to have stolen from me... You basic Harley shield background with Harley Davidson Murdercycles emblazoned in flames on it. You know, for a long time that is how I envisioned my departure from this world.... sliding down a road, bike in flames... going out in a blaze of glory.