Taxes, Penguins, and the New American Dream

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Damn Right! About friggin' time mates! Next class struggle will be with Veggie Rights! Power to the Possums!



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Comrades, comrades! Why be upset? If you saw some of the people that I consorted with while living in Midland, home of the Bushitler, you would understand that there is no difference at all right now. After all, if all clothing is drag (and it is), then all feathers are drag, as is all fur. I personally have had acquaintance with the species regina vertens oculos clamans exopthalmica (shrieking, bug-eye eye-rolling queen), last seen abandoned in an El Paso motel parking lot. I know from personal experience that it can vote. Although it cannot reproduce, except more Socialists.

Comrades! I have a solution! I know how to swell our cadres!

I hasten to point out that I am a converted Socialist, not having been born to the brown, er, purple.



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Ah. A fellow Socialist from Down Under. I see you've made nine posts, and I encourage you to join in the good Socialist fun. We are red of tooth and claw.

But are you sure that you are not being less than totally free Down Under? What about people who want to marry people with nothing down under? I do not think that Algore has anything there but hydraulic hoses, for he's run by the Disney team that made the Animatronic Abe Lincoln at Walt Disney World. It's very impressive--I saw it in 1984 and thought what a wonderful Apparatchik he would be for the Party. If he got off message, just change his programming. The Brits think he acts like he's got a rod up his bum but it was just old programming.

And what about creatures who are identified by their private parts, or who are nothing but a private part? Senator Schumer is nothing but a pecker, and Hillary, although our Empress, is nothing but a box. Invaluable allies both and I would never dream of denying them reproductive rights.

But that gives me pause to think. If we have free VD clinics, would that slow the expansion of Party members?



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[html]Laika, of <i>course</i> it's all about fairness. I recall back when I was in high school, studying Marx on the side, and reading <i>Mein Kampf</i> under the covers at night with a flashlight fondling myself--and you thought I was merely queer--reading Orwell's <i>Animal Farm</i>. After Napoleon the Pig and the other pigs sell the broken-down horse to the knacker, they are seen in the farm house, acting just like the farmers they ran off.

The other animals take comfort in the sign painted that says, "All animals are created equal." Only the jackass, who will not talk, can read that underneath it the pigs have added, "But some animals are more equal than others."

I am the most equal of equals.[/html]



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[html]Oh, dear Comrades, the memories that you stir up. In the 80s I ran around with people who listened to that music and who were amused and tolerant of my Mozart. And finally I see that they meant <i>sheep</i>!

By the way, if you want humbling, listen to Mozart's 5th piano concerto. I listened to it last night while driving in San Antonio. He was, what, 10? You can hear it if you know but it's better than half the music done by most every composer because even then his wit was obvious.[/html]



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Ah, Comrade I see love in your heart! I have enjoyed these Waters for years. I was admiring the vast wonder of Pink Flamingos when it was born into the glorious culture. When Ms. Divine was eating dog poo, I was enjoying the intestines.

I do agree Comrade, there is a slight resemblance. They are fascinating wonders, whom, if my dear friend Kubrick, were to know then, A Clockwork Orange, might just have featured such wondrous droogs. Rather than meager children of dance and song.

Comrade, Vivaldi is The Red Priest of Venice, surely you know this. As a good doctor, I shall try to be generous to your lambs, those of the slight tune-up variety, but as you know... my slight of scalpel is fit for Graveyards, and Gulags.

Do Tell Dear Mr. Olberman, The Cock says hi....



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The Skinnee Jay wrote:Now when I think about it, animals don't have voting rights in Israel!

I like that method. I'll use it every time somebody really starts to get off acting better than me. Or every time I have to suffer lectures about sex's beauty.

Don't forget, Comrade Skinnee Jay, to make sure you appear as dumb as possible in your delivery. This works especially well for female proles.

Commissar Theocritus wrote:Leninka, I was not looking at you when I said that, but offering it as a tool, an invaluable one. I own a title company and have been working in land title for 38 years one month and18 days, with time off for college and other things. Never a penny's loss but you cannot believe some of the attitude that I get, or used to get, from young shysters. In less than a week I turn 54 and have learned to let impatience temper my voice, and if I work at it I can convey an upturned lip over the telephone.

Here's another tool. Where I live some people from the Old Country feel better is a deal is negotiated in front of some seeming figure of authority; it'so dd when you hear the word <i>patron</i> in a Spanish conversation. There is always endless bickering over little money,there being little money, and it will all be negotiated in front ofyour desk, with you supplying facts and suggestions. For a $5K house.

Or only one party can be there. But now is not the time to engage in the folly of explaining the workings of Texas real-estate law, or the idea of contracts. Say, "What is you did x and then y? That would mean z."This gets a start. Then there will be more circling. Bear in. "I think it would be a good idea of you did x and then y and you'd have z." Now you're getting more attention instead of the inchoate fog inside the people's heads.

Finally lean back in the chair, fix each one with a gimlet eye, and say, sweetly but in tones which will NOT be denied, "Now. You do x." If necessary go to the other party. "And you do y."

Continue <i>without letting them talk about anything else</i>. Repeat with increasing intensity until you say, "Now you'll do.....?" "x" and bring it on home. Saves hours. I'm not kidding.

Commissar Theocritus, now I see why you spend so much time in this property-less gulag, it completely releases you from the responsibility not only of providing documentation for the undocumented, but of having to soil your hands with the dirty and lowly job of assigning property ownership, to greedy, grasping, property owning capitalists. We all have our own particular shovels to bear.

I see, however, your methods of conflict resolution and gaining entry into certain minds, have been fine tuned and honed to perfection.