Surviving May 2nd: Even Reds Get The Blues

Red Square wrote:Welcome to the collective, Comrade Krotchsky. You fit right in.

Didn't I see you earlier at May Day parade on Union Square, holding the People's Cube sign?

<img src="/images/Parasites.jpg" width="300" height="245">

Comrades, I'm thoroughly annoyed by this sign, making my Party-Approved Moniker into an acronymn that doesn't not accurately represent what we Parasites are.

We are burden's to the revolution not because we are racist/tolerant/inequitable.

We are a burden to the revolution because we are lazy.




Dear Theocritus,
Your liberal wisdom and knowledge flows down like a mighty river from the heights of social justice. Praise to the Inner Party - strike that - Praise to the DNC! Praise to the Marxist Priests of Power - strike that - Praise to the Liberal Priests of Power! Praise to infallible Marxist Government (ourselves) - strike that - Praise to our infallible Liberal Government!

To Hell with Thomas Sowell - strike that - to the Gulag with Thomas Sowell. Let us instead remember Norman Thomas - a real Marxist - strike that - a real Socialist - strike that - a real Progressive Liberal.

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism," they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." - Norman Thomas, U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate 1940, 1944 and 1948



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Kulak, all my life I have been waiting for The One: Baroke Hussy Obowma. I was practicing by informing on friends and family, to be put into that state of perfect undifferentiation which exists before the child can form attachments to anything more than its allotted three bottles of soya milk a day and its Lenin rattle and Trotsky ice-axe.

I am proposing a new line to go beside the Jiffy-Lobo sites: the People's Parenting Palaces. Proud Prog parents take their little proglet into the People's Parenting Palaces, where the proglet will be initiated into the ways of the party.

First, it will be desexed. Regardless of genitalia, it will sit to pee, and it will be known as an it, until its future in the party is known. Then appropriate surgery will be done at the time of the Coming of Age Jiffy-Lobo treatment.

All babies assigned as male will be known as Barack, Josip, Pol, Vlad or Adolph. All babies assigned as female will be known as Bitch or Ho. This is to keep our very important rapper constituency happy and since I'm on degradation like stink on shit, I love to degrade women as long as black males do it or liberal females do it--which they do, they do, they do.

The child will be shown pictures of its mother, and be given an electrical shock. This is for obvious reasons.

The biggest reason for the People's Parenting Palaces is that they will be a good place for the more, er, vigorous and expressive members of the National Education Association. It's been such a trial here at the Rancho to know what to do with people accredited as teachers but who are in temperament more similar to Goebbels or Mengele. I can't tell you how many little mustaches I've had to shave off some of our teachers here, and I have just flatly had to forbid jackboots and brown shirts. While nothing pleases me more than serried ranks of jackbooted progressive thugs marching in Red Square, they tend to scare the sheeple here.

So. We have the graduates of our new medical schools under the Hurry-Up-and-Die Health Care Bill manning Jiffy-Lobo. The bill provides for the extension of medical licenses to increase the diversity of our medical professionals.

Any wetback who has entered the US in three separate places, which prove that he's thinking, will be awarded a D.B.O. Which is a doctorate of Barack Obama. He will be the front line on cost containment.



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Thank you, LNT. There's one thing that I learned from Dear Raht Emanuel: you don't actually have to have a big, swinging one to be a complete prick. So when you get down to it, the gender doesn't matter, does it?

If Michael Moore can be the nation's number one bitch...



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Red Square wrote:This article was posted in 2008 and there still seems to be no progress in this area. We really need a government program to research this issue more extensively.
Indeed, Noble Leader, I would normally be overjoyed to take on such another lucrative program for The People™, but after all of this Mayday's marching and sign-carrying and name-calling and all ... I am just too tired.



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Me, big sis, and mom at Women's March!