Obama Playing Cards for the Masses

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Okay, at the risk of serious libel, here's a possibility...




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If the King of Diamonds card in your deck becomes torn (or even more worn out from old age) and needs replaced, prehaps Red Cube would consider the following suggestion:




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The Queen of Diamonds in the original deck is somehow not quite right…..
I think the one below might better sum it up………


(Get your minds out of the gutter)



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The Tsarevna wrote:
Red Square wrote:<span class="TitleArticle">"Everybody is an equal winer!"</span><br> <span class="genmed"><i>(Suitable for playing in a box car with other political prisoners)</i>

So when did Party decide playing cards in train acceptable?

Ref: Truman Capote's vile lies in his piece "The Muses are Heard" about the US "Porgy & Bess" tour of Glorious Russian motherland in 1955....

I do not claim to be a winer equal to Ted Kennedy (though my boozing days greatly surpassed the most liquescent exploits of some teetotallers within the beltway)[/html]



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Che Gourmet wrote: I do hope you are not defaming (but only honoring) our own Daddy Warbucks, i.e.: the "good" George? He is indeed the model that all progressives should emulate.
Che Gourmet!
You misunderstood me!

I was um, um…(gulp) no way impugning (gulp!) Grand Marshal $oros's good name. I am so sorry that it might have appeared that way. Perhaps it was too much Egg-Nog (party approved of course) last night.

I salute the Ministry of MiS Information's Mission (MSM) for being the Vanguard of the people and letting us know only what we should and need to know!

I denounce the writer of that worthless, slanderous and factless blog as an enemy of the People's Democracy ™ !! The similarity between $oros's previous manipulation of the British and Thailand's government and then the subsequent crash of their stock markets making him billions of dollars is entirely coincidental and should in no way be inferred with his current support of Dear Leader!

I shall have front row seats for the event in our World of This Tuesday, despite the fact that there won't be any where near enough porta-potties for the masses! This proves my unflagging devotion to the Party.




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Red Square! Your 8 of Clubs will likely be ringing a different tune after Jan 20, 2009!
(PS: Sorry for the inexcusably poor Hack-Job on your most excellent card deck!)




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Hey, if The Skinnee Jay gets his own card with Joseph Heller on it, then I want one with Danielle Steel--what's that, is there an echo in here? And how dare you ask why!

Because MY NAME IS PINKIE OBAMA, dammit!

Don't give me any lip about how no one here knows who Danielle is or what she looks like--I know, and that's all that matters, dammit!

And what do you mean, "How does she fit in with the rest of the cards?" Who says she has to? The Card Fairy? I say she doesn't, because I'M PINKIE OBAMA! Dammit!

And another thing. You put a plastic dish of M & M's on my dressing table this evening. I specifically said I wanted them served in Waterford crystal ONLY, dammit! Plus you forgot to remove all the orange M & M's--AGAIN! Now I'll have nothing but bad karma till the next full moon.

For that matter, so will you.

Don't forget what happened the last time you tried telling me you have a life "too" like you think you're as equal as I am.

I'll be back on Monday with an even longer list of unreasonable demands, so get cracking. Do I have to do everything around here?



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You dare disrespect me? Red Square?"

Where is my card? The most important card in the deck, you idiot! You have a short memory! Come and dine with me, I will help you get your memory refreshment, uh, refreshed.

This is what goes on the damn card!
Image His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshall Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC ['Victorious Cross'], DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular, and Professor of Geography.



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Commissarka Pinkie wrote:
The Skinnee Jay wrote: I heard M&M is a big bad corporation. I hope you know what that means. Also, only The Red Square's voice counts because he got The Voice of The People. I'm still gonna get my Heller card because Red Square <3 Skinnee Jay.

Spare me your petty distractions from The Real Issues, Skinnee Jay.

Yes, I eat M & M's a couple of times a year, and I feel horribly guilty about it, just as I feel guilty about plagiarizing the words of others like Laurie David. I probably shouldn't do it. But the truth is, I'm not perfect. This is not about perfection. I don't expect anyone else to be perfect either. That's what hurts the Progressive Movement--holding people to a standard they cannot meet. That just pushes people away.

The important thing is that I care about the issues that matter--the right to abortion, opposition to the Iraq war, and undying hatred of Bush. In fact, I have worked tirelessly to Raise Awareness about the issues that matter, to show the world just how much I care. That's the hardest, bravest, most patriotic thing in the world to do, Skinnee Jay, and all you can do is snipe at me for eating M & M's. It's easy to just stand around and criticize others; whereas it takes great courage to do what I'm doing to take our country back from the irreversible destruction Bush has wrought. Yes, even as I sit here eating my M & M's, I'm always thinking of how he's destroyed the world forever, and because of that I must never give up Raising Awareness of The One's promise to deliver us from the evil that is Bush.

Now, Skinnee Jay, do you have anything of substance to contribute to this discussion?


Anything at all?

Woops. I thought progress was supposed to be perfect. I mean, didn't Karl Marx wanted a perfect society? However, I do understand your problems. I will also Raise wareness and protest against Bush. I bet Da Mamba KKKonspirasi was his fault.



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We must also hate Israel for their very large number of entrepreneurs, their start-ups, and their technology. They design silicon chips, the same ones that Palestinians used in computers to get calling lists to call Americans to get them to vote for his O'liness. Who seems to be staffing his cabinet with people with no use for Israel. But since American Jews voted 81% for the Obamessiah, no doubt that will all turn around just fine.



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Commissar Theocritus wrote:That TM thing is also, on a Mac, Option-2.

I just gank it from some utta sucka. They has it an' I need it. Dat be fair trade in party speak, just ax Comrade Biden.

(If you are against plagiarism, you can also use the people's WYSIWYG editor's 'X2' button.)



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Anime industry is on it's way to Capitalism(tm). I simply suggest using these too before the whole industry gets corrupt. Just like we use Chrismas to destroy the capitalist Christians, we shall use these 2 to destroy the capitalist Anime industry.



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The Skinnee Jay wrote:True. Anytime he wants-he shall do it. I will remind him from time to time-just in case he forgets. But I have full faith in the Red Square, and I hope to buy, I mean liberate a pack of these cards and a copy of The People's Cube (I'm not equal enough for the ORIGINAL Cube, which only The Red Square deserves to own).

[HIGHLIGHT=#ffff00]I'd like to know how I can make amends. I'm already preparing my warm clothes and my shovel.
Yeah, I'm still being forced capitalistically to go to school. Hamas' messengers of peace (aka Qassams) don't come close to me area.

How do I line words? You know, like to erase them? Thanks!
([HIGHLIGHT=#ffff00]hi-light [/HIGHLIGHT]the offensive words, then hit the square above that says abc)

OK Skinnee Jay, ONE MORE TIME!

Re-read my previous posts! I told you to write the proposal for your "mascots" and explain to Red Square, (Almighty, all knowing Leader) just why these mascots would be useful to the Party's agenda, and don't tell me again, how "cute" they are! Submit your proposal in triplicate, along with appropriate fees (cash or money order only) to Red Square's secretary (not just any secretary, prole, just one of her many important jobs!) Mrs. Pinkie O. She will process, and let you know if your proposal is acceptable, or not.

I do not need your apologies, prole. You did nothing to offend me. Now be a good comrade and pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do the right thing!!....don't they have ears to listen?...all they do is ask endless questions.....and can't follow simple instructions....glad I'm not a teacher.....pobres profesors....

PS: Red Square does not "own" the Cube. The Cube belongs to the People!

PSS: Comrade, I hope that this isn't an example of how you process your school studies?



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Soul Sista Massively Opiated:
When was the time you were in Israel?

Comrade Rickls: How did you make your avatar, and can you please Share(tm) it with us. A full-size version? It'll be great for my collection*.

Commissar Theocritus: What do you think of safe sex? I think it's wrong. It defies the freedom of sperm cells. Also, don't you think the idea of cute Anime girls is offensive to the porn industry of liberation? See, some progressive kids in my school told me to I should like porn instead of cute characters, like Apricot Sakuraba. I know they are progressive. They're all looking to have sex with anyone and they view money as unimportant. They also hate the school and grades. School and grades=Not progressive.



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Ah. That's different. At Amherst people have to have a contract before a date. Handholding? Kissing? Oral? Vaginal or other?

At Brown a girl can knock a boy down and have sex and if he doesn't call the next day she can accuse him of rape, which is why lots of Providence high-school girls have dates with Brown men.

But if a priest has sex with an altar boy it is denied.

Get it?



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Sister, I am thinking with great consideration about your words. And Tuesday will truly be the Progressive World of Next Tuesday. I have been considering making a post about all the rights, but not obligations for true progressives leave obligations to Rethuglicans, of a Made Progressive. That is Made, in the sense of a made man in the Mafia.

Do you think that we ought to have a licensing board to become a Made Progressive?



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Commissar Theocritus wrote:Sister, I have an idea. Since sex is plastic in the Party--a very convenient explanation for Bruno, well, hell <i>no</i> other explanation will do save that he was dropped in Roswell some years ago, why now have detachable parts? There may be times that you want huge hooters. You know, to inveigle unsuspecting horn-dogs into the toils of the party. And then there are times when ginormous hooters would be a problem, as when you try, try only, to in your indelicate words, whip my ass as snooker. You forget that Meow has being giving me lessons in the black arts of the black arts.

I think that a few clasps with a USB 2.0 port would suffice to give sufficient band width, don't you?

After this is perfected, I think that I shall go on to develop it for peckers. This is in contradistinction to the fact that so many party members are utter and complete pricks.

Could we call them "Lee(tm) Press-on Hooters" ?[/html]



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His O'liness looks like a constipated Queen Victoria.