Newspaper Runs Out Of Anti-Bush Headlines

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Commissarka Pinkie wrote:
Born in 1960, vanden Heuvel studied politics and history at Princeton University, writing her Senior thesis on McCarthyism. She has said that during her college years she sometimes "felt like a Russian."
Comrade Red Square, what do you suppose she means?

I suppose she's in competition with you, Pinkie - but she's got no chance. Your shovel DEFINITELY is bigger than her shovel.

/// off karakter

While the Russians were suffering from oppression by the idiotic, stagnant, and kleptocratic system, Katrina vander Heuven learned to sympathize with the oppressors. Could it get more elaborately aristocratic?

The mandatory liberal current truth of the time was that the Russians are like that because they are Russians - it's their culture and we have no business messing with it.

This is like saying that Having Kim Jong Il for president is in the Korean culture. Or having Ayatollas run Iran is in the Persian culture. Or having Jimmy Carter in the White House is in the American culture.



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Sad for the Russians? No feelings.
Power to the troddendown.



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Remember, Navigator--only one square at a time.

Maybe we should go back to the old days of newspapers, corncobs, and leaves--after they've fallen to the ground dead, of course.