Mainstream Media's Mystery Letter of the Day: "D"

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Play a game with the MSM:
escape from reality with stories of myth and magic!

The mystery letter of the day is "D."

Why don't we hear this phrase in the news anymore:
"The Culture of Corruption"
as in: "Culture of corruption is so pre-2006 elections"?

The answer is in the magical letter "D" next to a politician's name,
which tends to vanish mysteriously in news media reports!

Brought to you by the MSM:
"Indulging your fantasies because the truth is just too hard to bear"

The next mystery letter of the day: "A HYPHEN"



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So 'D' in the new "C" which is still not bad as the almighty "W" ... Ouch my head hurts....



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Red Square wrote:

We wonder, though, if she really has had sex with Bush and hated it as her sign indicates.

I submit that once this comrade is jailed for her unprogressive inhalation of burning nicotine pollutants that she needs to set down for party perusal and approval a minutely detailed account of exactly what she considers to be a good fuck



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How disturbing is that??? I think I worked harder before I was 10 than these two bimbos combined will work their entire lives. The sad thing is, many parents are - if maybe not that extreme - far too willing to give their children everything they want. And we keep wondering why the country is sliding to the Left...and into the toilet.




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I hope to do something like that to mine eventually. Only using a Ford small block instead of a Chevy. I'm not sure if the one in the video is a 240 or a 280. The bumper definitely looked like a 240's because it's smaller which brings up the question of that car being a Scarab or not. Very few Scarabs came with manual transmissions unfortunatly.



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Dr. Strangelove wrote:Think of it as Deluxe Swiss Miss hot cocoa with all of the clumps not quite stirred out.
Beware the "marshmallows."



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Mousey-Tongue wrote:Meeee-ow!

What? What do you want?



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From the ever watchful

Dem Label Still AWOL for Blagojevich in ChiTrib, Sun-Times Coverage

Ken Shepherd wrote:Gov. Rod Blagojevich's (D-Ill.) name has cropped up quite a few times in the ongoing trial of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) benefactor Tony Rezko. Yet in their latest coverage, both the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times left out Blagojevich's party affiliation. The Sun-Times, however, did take note of the Republican party affiliation of another politico caught up in the maelstrom, William Cellini (see screencap at right, photos via AP/Sun-Times).
Image The caption for a photo montage accompanying the April 3 article "Levine: Blagojevich knew", reads, "Clockwise from left: Gov. Rod Blagojevich; Tony Rezko; Stuart Levine;Chicago businessman-turned-Hollywood producer Tom Rosenberg; longtime Illinois Republican Party power William Cellini."



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Mousey-Tongue wrote:To embrace 'green' policies that protect our environment, why not stuff the Premier's Hot Pockets with recycled clones, and leave the poor kitties alone! That would reduce greenhouse gasses enough for several Climate ChangeTM world tours by the Goracle on his modest private jet.

This is true, Betty. If you don't have a problem with a clone of you giving Madam Speaker her monthly enema, then you shouldn't have a big problem with eating Betty Clone Meat Hot Pockets. It's not really you, after all.



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Mousey-Tongue wrote:Do they have a fish or shrimp flavor? Yum!

Not yet, but I'm sure we can get Betty to genetically modify his clones for seafood flavoring. I'm thinking that Madam Speaker might even like flavored clones (or flavored "clondoms"). "Mmm... Kinky" (Her words, not mine).

I knew you would approve of the "0g Kitty Meat per serving," as labeled in the upper righthand corner.



People who have been Googling "Republican corruption" for at least a year have been directed first and moremost to my own site on this topic, .

This "cube" about Democratic corruption is so assinine that I will feature it on my https://JesusNoRepublican.Org/ page as an example of how silly Republican can be when they try to paint Democrats as comparable to the Republican party in corruption. They are as comparable as a penny is to a hundred dollar bill!