Israel Dismantles; World's Problems End

Premier Breshnev
Victory in the middle east.... Finally, Mother Russia has all of the oil it needs to start it's next campagin!!!!



Hurricane Katrina
It's because of Israel that I got so damn angry and whupped New Orleans. If only Israel dismantled a couple of months ago, I would have been a mere sun shower.



Moshe Dayan
No one has offered to replace my eye yet. I call unfair.



King Solomon
I hope you rag head bastards are happy now!
Meir Kahane



Spiro Agnew
Here are some differences between the Holocaust and other government-directed mass murders:

A) The Nazis believed in "nature" and the Communists believed in "nurture". That is, the Nazis mainly relied on eugenics theories in an attempt to create a pure people, while the Communists mainly relied on socialism in an attempt to create a pure people. The Nazis went with biology and the Communists went with environment. People find biological discrimination the most odious kind -- whether for murder, or for that matter, simply being fired.

B) Nazi victims were targeted as a distinct ethnic class (Jews); i.e., a group of people was collectively murdered. Human nature being what it is, we are generally more upset when our group, our religion, and especially our family is targeted -- which is why Jews (and also Armenians, though probably to a lesser extent) have not forgotten.

Also, look at how the Chinese are the angriest not at Mao, but at the Japanese. Mao killed more Chinese than did the Japanese, but group loyalties come first. For a more contemporary example, look at how Al Sharpton and the Progressive Community save their most furious responses for when a black is killed by a white or a cop -- although far more murdered blacks are killed by other blacks.

C) The utopian-sounding goals of socialism can sound attractive to civilized people, while Nazi goals can never be defended. To illustrate, compare East German propaganda with Nazi propaganda. Hitler knew how to work a crowd only if it was his crowd. To this day, communists know how to make themselves sound appealing to others.

D) Without defending labor camps, there is still a difference (on a relative scale) between sentencing people to labor camps where they will likely die and immediately herding them into gas chambers where they will defintely die.



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Chistka Counselor wrote:Sister Massively Opiated:
You make the point of perfection here: "it is the responsibility of those who see evil to do something about it rather than ignore it, even if it puts their own lives at risk. We make the world we live in, and cannot blame others if we stand by while it goes to shit."....
This is what we all must understand and accept as our duty...... Fight these animals every chance you get and we will all remain free. Ben Franklin said:
"We must all hang together or assuredly we will all hang separately."
.....We joke here about the Soviet Union - but it can rise up again and will - even here in America - if we fall asleep and let those insidious bastards lull us with their lies and promises. Be vigilant - let's beat their ass (yeah, "ass"; look at the symbol of their lame Party) soundly in 2006, 2008. . .every day we are above ground. Because unlike Demokrats - us freedom loving people aren't allowed to vote once we're dead.

ClickHERE to hear Sister Massively Opiated's reaction to Comrade Chistka Counselor's most moving eloquence... (you will need Quicktime)... and I hope you will all join me in this adulatory response.



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12345 wrote:((this is what he/she said))
By Premier Betty
5/20/2006, 4:13 pm

It seems we have another live target for the New Peoples Red Army to pratice their shooting at after the revolution.

uhm yeah,...
and this goes out to premier betty i would really be careful with what i say on this site you never do know who you could be speaking with [highlight=#ffff00]of coarse,..the authorties[/highlight] might be very interested in your above statement perhaps you do like the smell of inmates,...

While your username defines you, 12345, you, of course, have the authority to say anything you want, AND I know I'm a decade late responding to your post but, please, please use proper spelling. It's as easy as 123! You don't even have to go to 4 or 5! Spellcheck is your friend, especially when you want to insult people, although, I must admit, it will only take you so far.

Good luck!