Islamic People's Fools Day

Dear Comrade:

Most excellent advisory on our Islamic friends, but there actually is a self-serving way around this, that also warms the hearts of our friends in the ACLU.

Show up at work on April Fool's Day dressed up as Allah, and start screaming that all infidels and capitalist pigs are going to burn in hell for all eternity. Of course, the capitalist exploiter boss will be upset, and call in the oppressive lawyers, but you, in turn, call in the ACLU. The ACLU will arrange for you to have several weeks off work, with pay, while the controversy you created is resolved. And then, the evil boss is forced to reinstate you, and let you pray (or drink, or look at porn undisturbed) 5 times a day at company expense.

Eventually, all workplaces are made safe for communists and radical Muslims - and, you've had a good laugh, and two weeks off, at your evil, exploitative boss's expense!!!

Happy April Fools, TPC!!!