Flat Gareth

Comrade Betty
That guy kicks ass!




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Lenin 'n' Things wrote:
Commissar_Elliott wrote:Now just what is Dear Leader doing in there? Either way, I'm laughing my butt off! BTW, are those her brains she's letting out?

It's a giant bagel she's saving for later. A girl gets hongry when she's protestin' fo peace!
Definitely one of the most wrinkled bagels I've ever seen.



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[html]100% Infidel - it's life imitating the People's Cube again! We had this covered back in Oct. 2008 -
<br>VIDEO: Sex and the Democrats (A Campaign Commercial)




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Comrades, Above there is a photo of Neville Chamberlin, what he said has been greatly misunderstood. and

He held up some paper and said "Piece [of paper] in our time! See opposite end of horse for true image!