China Says U.S. Too Big To Fail, Offers Obama Bailout

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B-b-but Comrade Red Square, u-u-under these conditions, I would have to go out a-a-and g-g-get a (shudder) j-j-j-j-uh-employment!



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Everything must be recycled, all the way up to Barbara Boxer's hubris.

And, here is one more thing the Chinese ought to do:

Round up all the rats in New York to feed the homeless.



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Commissar Theocritus wrote:Why are we listening to the Chinese? Just because they know a thing or two about totalitarianism doesn't mean that we should listen to them.

Isn't the point of the Obowma administration the destruction of AmeriKKKa? That's where I came in? And Nanski tells me that she won't rest as long as there are people in the world who don't hate AmeriKKKa as much as she does.

My dear Commissar, you missed the point entirely, perhaps Bruno's constant jabbering is beginning to dull your intellect. China wrote THE BOOK on totalitarian enlightenment. I am afraid that in comparison Nansky and Barry's Most Excellent Adventure is at best a form of Socialism Lite...less inspiring, tastes like industrial sewage, leaving Amerika poorer and more flatulent than before, with a hell of a headache. Of course, any lessening is a better result than a re-emergence as a self-confident power on the world stage, but come on. We deserve better than this!

Komrade Krinkov is right, Mao is counter-revolving in his crypt at record speed over this.

By the way, I wonder if Caribou are tasty? May I humbly suggest that if no Commissar's sphere of corruption service oversees the operation of the ANWR Caribou packing plant, perhaps I should offer my expertise. For the Common GoodTM, of course.



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And the final and very equal senator would be Senator Bruno.

He would be a light in the Senator chamber. Can you imagine him singing "Tico, Tico" in the Senate well? It would be the most sensible performance there in years.